Royal Thai Cuisine

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By | Fri 17 Apr 2020

Food plays an influential part in our lives and the food we eat always relates to our way of life and culture. Royal Thai cuisine is not just about the taste but considered one of the cultural symbols that show the unique aesthetics of Thainess.

Royal Thai cuisine originated along with the founding of the Thai nation. The dishes were created in the palaces and pass on from generation to generation. Royal Thai cuisine is characterised, not only by the well-selected and finest quality ingredients but through presentation and attention to the smallest detail. Royal Thai food is typically served in sets presenting a variety of dishes with different tastes, texture, colours, and instructions. Fruits and vegetable are carved into delicately shapes for decoration.

Royal Thai cuisine is regarded as a higher level of art which nowadays everyone can enjoy. Refined dishes served to the royal household are now available in some restaurants to show gastronomic culture in Thailand and tell the story of the Royal Family’s customs from the old days.