Royal Cuisine: Khao Chae

Khao Chae was adopted by the Royal Kitchens during the reign of King Rama V. It is a typical Royal Thai cuisine summer dish and difficult to make.

By | Thu 15 Mar 2018


ข้าวแช่-The-nest-3 Khao Chae
Summer means the return of one of Thailand’s little known, but most delicious, dishes – khao chae. Adopted by the Royal Kitchens during the reign of King Rama V, this summer dish is one of the best representatives of Royal Thai cuisine. It is a complex and very difficult dish to make, as there are many elements, each requiring a bewildering number of ingredients and processes, but when it comes together this cool rice in iced jasmine soup with accompaniments is worth the effort of hunting to find and taste.

Khao Chae
Head to Nest Mae Rim for an exquisitely presented traditional khao chae a cool dish of rice in iced jasmine water served with kapi balls, stuffed shallots, stuffed sweet peppers, shredded sweetened pork or beef, stir fried sweet picked Chinese turnips with eggs and fresh green mangos.