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By | Mon 13 Apr 2020

Eating out is a passion in Chiang Mai with hundreds of eateries throughout the city, but sometimes there is nothing like cooking at home – to do that you need a food shop!

Regardless of how specialised your ingredient requirements, you will find them here in the city. For supermarkets, most people turn to Tesco Lotus or Big C. Both chains have stores located at easy to reach strategic locations around the city. As an alternative, many people also use Makro cash and carry for the weekly shop. Chiang Mai is also fortunate to have several branches of the boutique supermarket chains, Rim Ping and Tops which have an extensive selection of imported foodstuffs and are extremely popular with the expatriate community.

And then there are specialised Chiang Mai food shops that come in all shapes and sizes; delicatessens, organic, or outlets that specialise in a particular product or cater to a national niche. It’s all here if you look and these pages are an excellent place to start.