Local Markets

A comprehensive collection of articles, guides, pictures and reviews on Chiang Mai’s vibrant and colourful local markets. Written by the people who shop here.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

While supermarkets and hypermarkets abound, in Chiang Mai, local markets are still where the action is, full of life and colour.

Most areas of the city will have a market where people visit daily to shop for fresh produce and even cooked food to take home for supper. Markets today are also very hygienic, as the municipality enforce high standards. Markets are very socially and environmentally responsible, adapting to consumer demand for plastic-free markets and organic produce. That’s not to say all markets are there yet, but they are heading that way. The commitment by many market owners is appreciated through the patronage by the public with some weekend fresh produce markets, drawing crowds in the thousands.

Warorot Market, is at the heart of Chiang Mai and has been for centuries. It is an excellent place to begin your market experience. Hundreds of vendors and stall owners sell everything from fresh flowers and fruits to fried insects and other oddities. It is hustling and bustling, but most of all, its super fun.

Don’t be scared to try food in markets; most are very fresh, clean and importantly tasty. Chiang Mai markets are at the centre of daily local life, so get out there and explore.