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Chiang Mai is a city bursting with variety. The rich heritage of Lanna culture blends with contemporary, international influences to create a harmonious explosion of human diversity. The sheer range of activities and pursuits taking place across Chiang Mai is breathtaking in both scope and depth. Art, literature, music, food, architecture, dance, sports, wellness โ€“ in fact, almost every field of human endeavour is being probed, discovered and enjoyed. ย  CityNow!โ€™s mission is to encourage the discovery of those activities and connect people so they can explore them together, make new friends and add to the richness of our city.ย 

Bubbles on the Ping
Cruise the Ping at twilight with a chilled glass in-hand
Le Crystal Restaurant Experience the Finest French Cuisine
Special offer for the member of Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce and
July Promotions at The Duke’s
In Budokan Band at 69 Sushi Bar & Bistro
Local media were invited for the concert featuring โ€œIn Budokan Bandโ€ at
Chiang Mai Pride 2022
Chiang Mai LGTBQ Pride 2022
U.S. Independence Day BBQ at The Yard & Corner Bistro
American Independence Day BBQ at The Yard & Corner Bistro
Swing Dance at One Nimman
Swing Dance at One Nimman, every Saturday evening in the Sala, except when