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Chiang Mai is a city bursting with variety. The rich heritage of Lanna culture blends with contemporary, international influences to create a harmonious explosion of human diversity. The sheer range of activities and pursuits taking place across Chiang Mai is breathtaking in both scope and depth. Art, literature, music, food, architecture, dance, sports, wellness – in fact, almost every field of human endeavour is being probed, discovered and enjoyed.  

CityNow!’s mission is to encourage the discovery of those activities and connect people so they can explore them together, make new friends and add to the richness of our city. 

Nimman Art and Music Fest. 2019
3 days music festival on Nimman road
The Flavours of French
A unique journey through French cuisine
Chaing Yai Fest
The biggest of Northern Thailand music festival
Emergent Antumbra
Exhibition from S.A.C. Residency Program
Mister Model of the World Swimwear Round
Mister Model of the World Swimwear Round, part of the Mister Model of the
Words Will Win at Thapae East
Words Will Win at Thapae East – Venue for Creative Arts
Sun Bridge Sake Tasting
Customers were invited to a Sake tasting at Sun Bridge, Ruamchok Mall.Sun
Influenza Outbreak in Chiang Mai Press Conference
The Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University organized a press conference