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Chiang Mai is a city bursting with variety. The rich heritage of Lanna culture blends with contemporary, international influences to create a harmonious explosion of human diversity. The sheer range of activities and pursuits taking place across Chiang Mai is breathtaking in both scope and depth. Art, literature, music, food, architecture, dance, sports, wellness – in fact, almost every field of human endeavour is being probed, discovered and enjoyed.   CityNow!’s mission is to encourage the discovery of those activities and connect people so they can explore them together, make new friends and add to the richness of our city. 

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All you can eat buffet at The Duke’s MAYA
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Terra arts & nature circle music series II
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The Duke’s October 2021 promotion
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ALT_So Scary Haunted House Press Preview
Local media were invited to the ALT_So Scary Haunted House, coming up:
Opening of Lanna Desia Hair Salon
Grand Opening of Lanna Desia Hair Salon at Jing Jai Market. Lanna Desia is
Grand Opening of Six Flowers Garden
Grand Opening of Six Flowers Garden in Mae Rim. Six Flowers Garden is
SKAL at The Happy Frog
SKAL Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand at The Happy Frog –with guest