Citylife Group Services is the commercial arm of Citylife.
We work closely with hundreds of businesses, both in Chiang Mai and further afield.

A thriving entrepreneurial and business community is vital to any city’s development and, through the services they provide, to the quality of life of its inhabitants. For 25 years, Citylife has been a passionate advocate of Chiang Mai and we are dedicated to helping business thrive, and grow for the benefit of all.

Our audience are your customers

Our combined media assets reach over 2 million people each year. In print, online and on social media, we are reaching thousands of people every day. We can help companies find the right channels to find customers for their business.

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Creative Services

In a competitive environment, Citylife’s creative services can help your business stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide range of creative and digital services that can enhance any business, big and small. Our innovative, professional team cut their teeth in the demanding world of multimedia; now put them to use for you.

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 The Citylife Events Team have decades of experience at creating custom-crafted, unforgettable and authentic experiences that help brands connect with the target audience and create magical special occasions for individuals and businesses alike. 

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