Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.

Jef Richards, American Educator

Reach your customers

Citylife’s Facebook pages have over 43,000 followers between them with high levels of activity and engagement from Chiang Mai residents. Our posts organically reach over 136,000 people every month, which includes both Thai and English speakers. Our Facebook channels can help you influence that valuable audience.

However, Citylife’s social media advertising team can help you devise a campaign that matches your ideal customer profile. This allows you to target your advertising spend at an audience most likely to convert into customers.

Creative Advertising

Reaching your audience is only the first step. You need advertising that compels people to action and converts them to customers. Citylife’s creative team can craft a campaign using text, pictures, video, slideshow and reviews. We will help your advertising stand out, get your message across and result in conversions and customers.

We offer a range of social media advertising and sponsorship options, including text, pictures, slideshows, reviews and videplacements. Posts can be guaranteed to have a certain level of reach to our audience. We can also use Facebook’s advertising targeting capability to reach specific customer profiles in the broader market outside our usual audience.

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