‘Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.’

Seth Godin

In Thailand, Facebook is the second most visited website after Google. There are 50 million Facebook users in the country, 1.1 million of them in Chiang Mai. Social media is a part of daily life for most people living in Chiang Mai. They use it to talk to their friends, share their experiences and, most importantly for businesses, find goods and services to purchase.

Many businesses in Chiang Mai recognise the importance of social media (Facebook in particular) and set up pages to promote and advertise to potential customers. However, they often tell us they are disappointed by the results. That’s why we established our Chiang Mai social media marketing service to help businesses get more from their activities on Facebook and other platforms.

At Citylife, we bring a strategic approach to social media marketing, recognising that every business is different and requires a bespoke plan. Our strategies are data-driven and focus on the following key areas:

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| Attracting the right audience

It is easy to get Facebook followers to like your page. On YouTube, there are videos on how to obtain tens of thousands even, millions of likes for just a few Satang each. It might look good to have millions of followers, but if they don’t become your customers, it is a waste of time and money.

| Engaging your audience

Time and time again, we see Chiang Mai businesses bombard their customers with posts that are nothing more than advertisements. It’s not effective. People are not using social media to look at adverts they are using it to engage. They want to be amused, intrigued, educated and see posts that appeal to their interests. We can help create social media content that engages your audience and gets liked, shared and spread building brand awareness and loyalty.

| Compelling action

Once you have created an engaged audience, it is easier to turn them into customers. We help our social media client develop compelling offers and promotions that encourage them to buy.

| Growing audience and loyalty

Once you have the right strategy in place, social media will help you increase your audience and build brand loyalty and grow your business.

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