Our audience are your customers

Citylife’s audience consists of over 2 million pairs of eyes every year across all our media, predominantly made up of Chiang Mai residents and Thai and international visitors.

Citylife’s advertising is data-driven. We have detailed statistical information on our audience that we can use to help your business reach your target customers.  

Average Monthly Digital Reach

Website Traffic Referral

Average monthly site traffic 51,000

Customers searching for Chiang Mai businesses and services often find them on Citylife’s website. 

Our websites deliver search results. 


Age of website users 

First Language

of Website Visitors 

Facebook Organic Reach,

Impressions, Engagement 

Average Monthly


Impressions*               331,000

Reach*                          136,000

Engagement Rate     30%
(average post)


Organic: Unpaid – the data does not include posts and reach enhanced by advertising. 

Impressions: The number of times posts from our page are displayed on Facebook. 

Reach: The number of unique people who see our posts. 

Post Engagement: The number of times that people engaged with posts through likes, comments, shares and more.

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