Sports & Fitness

A series of articles, guides, pictures and reviews on sports fitness and activities in Chiang Mai. Written by the people who live here.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

Like any city of this size, the Chiang Mai sports and fitness scene is vast and varied, from professional level down to amateurs and enthusiasts playing in clubs and on grounds across the city.
Gyms are ubiquitous and available in every neighbourhood. There are also sports centres, mostly private and requiring some kind of membership.

The Chiengmai Gymkhana Club offers squash, tennis, cricket and golf. The Imperial Sports Club has an Olympic size swimming pool, the Old Municipal Stadium, with its addition of a running track, basketball, volleyball and all sorts of balls-courts and more. There are also plenty of golf clubs where you can stroll up fairways admiring the mountain backdrops.

And talking of mountains and forests, they provide a free and natural playground. Go for a jog around a lake, a hike up a mountain trail, dirt bike through the forest, or simply find a tree to practice yoga in the shade.

If you are into anything else, you are still likely to find others to join from ice hockey – yes, there is a rink! – to extreme Frisbee, horse riding to gymnastics. Seek and you will find it And if you don’t, why not form your own club to pursue your sporting passion.