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By | Fri 10 Apr 2020

In Chiang Mai, gyms are ubiquitous and can be found at all price points and locations whether it’s a California-style posey gyms for the beautiful people or a grungy workshop to get some sweat on…and everything in between.

On the most part, the people of Chiang Mai prefer to exercise outdoors. Apart from a few arid and polluted months, it is so much more fun taking a jog, hiking through the jungle or riding a bicycle up a winding mountain road.

There are also plenty of regular classes you can join from aerobics to Zumba, bodybuilding to yoga. Chiang Mai also has lots of organised mass fitness events, fun runs and obstacle relays. Most weekends, there is an event you can join.

Whatever you preferred way of keeping fit in Chiang Mai there is something for you.