7 Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai

Information on the best muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai, many operated by famous fighters and trainers. Train and fight or just get fit.

By | Tue 1 Oct 2019

If you want to get fit and fierce then Chiang Mai has a plethora of great muay Thai gyms to check out. Here are some well-known gyms in Chiang Mai that you should go and experience.

Santai Muay Thai
Traditional old school Thai boxing techniques are taught by experienced trainers at all levels of expertise. There is a package which includes both training and accommodation if you want to get serious.

Open: 6am-7pm (Mondays-Saturdays)
Facebook: Santai Muay Thai

Hongthong Muay Thai
Owned and run by famous twin fighters from Bangkok, Hongthong Noi and Hongthong Lek, both of whom are highly regarded in the muay Thai world, students can get a chance to train with the best.

Open: 8am-10am / 4pm-7pm
Facebook: Hongthong MuayThai Gym

SkyKick Muaythai Gym
Its many fans praise this gym for its sanook vibes; the atmosphere is said to be very supportive, fun and with lots of laughs and giggles. Unintimidating for novices.

Open 4pm-8.30pm (Mondays-Saturdays)
Facebook: SkyKick Muaythai Gym

Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym
This is a great gym for beginners. It is located in the old city, which makes things very easy for visitors, the prices are relatively cheap and the trainers are good with helping novices get started and confident.

Open 8.30am-10am / 2pm-8pm
Facebook: Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym

Heavy Hit Boxing Gym
The gym’s slogan is ‘Keep Up the Heavy Training’, which fits in with its aim to help people get fit. All ages and genders are welcome.

Open: 8am-12pm / 3pm-8pm
8am-12pm (Sundays)
Facebook: Heavy Hit Boxing Gym Chiang Mai

BBN Boxing Gym Chiangmai
If you are serious about Muay Thai, then why not learn with the best? An Olympic medallist is on hand to train students into the fine arts of muay Thai.

Open 8am-8pm (Mondays-Saturdays)
Facebook: BBN Boxing Gym Chiangmai