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A comprehensive collection of articles, guides, pictures & reviews on food, drink & restaurants in Chiang Mai. Written by people who live & eat here (a lot!)

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

There are endless options for quality food and drink in Chiang Mai – this is a foodie city on steroids with an eating option literally on every corner.

There are restaurants of every shape and size from single dish street stalls to international, five-star dining. Of course, you will find a bedazzling range of Thai food in all its spicy, salty, sweet glory and sour. However, Chiang Mai is also an international city with residents of all nationalities and backgrounds, creating a foundation for a richly diverse food and drink culture.

There are garden restaurants, rooftop bars, countless cafes, snug brasseries, bustling food centres and so much more for you to explore and of course, eat!

Written by people who live and eat in the city, let these pages guide you on your journey through the world of Chiang Mai food and drink.