Best steak in Chiang Mai

When you need a steak, cast your eye over these beauties. We review the best steaks in Chiang Mai.

By | Sun 4 Sep 2022

Finding a good steak in town can be a difficult task. Rare, medium or well done – whatever your style may be, here are the best steaks in Chiang Mai that we think you should try next time you are craving a juicy hunk of beef.

Juicy steaks at great prices at Aquila Restaurant

Chef Phubase Chuprakong’s steaks at his Italian Aquila Restaurant near Promenada, are sure fire contestants for some of the best steaks to be had in the city.
“What I want is for people who love steaks, those who always have a favourite steak in mind, to think of us and come to us, because we will give them what they want,” said Chef Phubase, proudly.
“We have sirloin, ribeye, wagyu, tenderloin and our best seller is the steak platter which is a massive plate with three steaks; sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin. The platter is under a thousand baht, at 999 baht, and can easily feed four people as a shared main course. Not only do you get three pieces of imported beef, from Australia and New Zealand, each weighing 125 grams, you will also be able to order as many grilled vegetables, sauces and sides as you wish.” The sides, by the way, are about worth the short drive unto themselves, as they include sides favourites elevated with a few charming gimmicks such as truffle fries, baby potatoes fried with bacon, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The sauces are equally exotic and enticing sounding, with peppercorn, red wine, cheese, chili and sambal and truffle cream sauces being just some of the options.
The Wagyu steak, again cooked to perfection, is 250 grams while the tomahawk is around 1.5 kgs and cost between 2,000-3,000 baht.
Apart from beef, they also offer up some other cuts of meats such as their super popular pork chop which is a bestseller and served on nearly every table every nigh. With lots of layers of flavouring and equal amounts of toppings, this is a must try. The rack of lamb from New Zealand is another recommended dish, served with Gorgonzola spring rolls with cream pesto and topped with red wine sauce and grilled vegetables.
At Aquila, it’s about quality, great prices, but importantly a chef who can seriously cook.
The wine list is not massive, but carefully curated and you should be able to find a good pairing of mainly old world, but also some new world wines, with any of your steaks, or indeed any other dishes, in the 1,000-1,800 baht price range.

Open daily noon – 2.30 pm. and 5 pm. – 9 pm.
Reservation please contact by inbox or call 0902363845
FB : Aquila restaurant Thailand


Norden Restaurant

Chiang Mai’s Norden Restaurant has been hosting family dinners, business lunches and special occasion meals for seven years. Dining here temporarily transports you, your imagination and your palate, to the land of the Vikings, from its simple modern and stylish décor to the authentic tastes of Sweden in every dish. Chef Philip has some classical as well as unique Swedish recipes up his sleeves, and every dish is made specially with fresh selected ingredients.

The highlight here is the steaks. Whether you are looking for a delicate and polished dish like the Greenland halibut with lemon butter sauce or the carnivorous fillet Rossini served with decadent foie gras, truffles and red wine sauce, Chef Philip puts all his skills and effort into each order, so you can be assured of quality and taste. Also don’t miss the grilled salmon with white wine and butter sauce, not to mention the BBQ ribs, majestically cooked so that the meat is so tender that it falls off the bones.

Open daily: 11.30 am- 9.30 pm
139 Moo 1 Superhighway Chiang Mai-Lampang Road
Tel. 096-090-9769
Facebook: Norden Restaurant Chiang Mai
Instagram: nordenrestaurant_cnx



Stylish and charming, this cosy restaurant has raised the bar for French cuisine in Chiang Mai, serving one of the most exquisite dishes using premium ingredients from the best sources in the world. L’Elephant’s Ultimate Tournedos Rossini 120gr. is superb. The juicy pink filet mignon is so perfectly cooked and tender that it can be sliced with a fork. The foie gras is imported from one of the best sources guaranteeing its quality. A madeira demi-glace sauce and grilled vegetables are served with the meats, and this is one of several steak dishes on their main course lists. There is the classic boeuf bourguignon, a grilled New York Strip Steak and many more meaty offerings for carnivores to enjoy.

7 Sirimangkalajarn Soi 11
Open 11am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm (Closed Mondays)
Tel. 097 970 8947
Facebook: lelephantchiangmai

Le Meridien’s Favola

Walk into Favola and you know you are in for a treat. The scene that greets you is the open kitchen, where tall-hatted chefs flambé towering plumes of flames, kneed fresh pasta, stir aromatic broth and blow the mind with knife skills. Tables and booths are elegantly set and moodily lit and you know you are in for a treat when the bountiful bread basket arrives with a trio of freshly made dips and a choice of water with mint, orange or lemon are offered. The hotel’s butcher selects the most beautiful cut of Australian Wagyu tenderloin, personally choosing only the tenderest and juiciest heart to give to the chef who then prepares and cooks it to order. The steak arrives cooked to absolute perfection and is simply served on roasted farmer potatoes and drizzled in a porcini mushroom and marsala wine sauce, after all the star of the dish is the meat which simply melts in the mouth.

Steak dishes start from 990 baht

Open 5pm – 11pm
2nd Floor of Le Meridien Chiang Mai
108 Chang Klan Road, Muang Chiang Mai
053 253 666

Facebook: Le Méridien Chiang Mai

Le Crystal Restaurant

Le Crystal understands French gastronomy, so when it comes to prime cuts of beef there is no surprise when people say French cuisine is considered to be at the height of culinary perfection. Try the truly fabulous Japanese Hida beef strip loin, a premium cut of beef which rivals its more famous counterparts, Kobe and Wagyu. This 300 gram cut is left at room temperature to keep it succulent, before being cooked to order and served with baked mashed potatoes, French fries, fresh salad or grill vegetables. You also get a choice of red wine gravy, black pepper, truffle or mushroom sauce on it. Or, for those lamb lovers out there, why not try the pan-roasted lamb loin with horseradish jus instead, served with purple potatoes and vegetables.

Steak dishes start from 1,650 baht

Open 6pm – 10.30pm
74/2 Patan Road, Patan, Chiang Mai
(live music kazz band from 7.30pm to 10pm except on Sundays)
Facebook: Lecrystal.French.Cuisine
053 218 059
053 218 060

Sipolle Italian Food by Chef Dan

Chef Dan is a minor celebrity in Chiang Mai to those who know the history of Sipolle and the quality of his cooking. With over 20 years’ experience in the West, Chef Dan finally returned home to share his European eperiences with us Chiang Mai folks. Today, Sipolle has grown and so have their steaks. Let us present the incredible, enormous, full flavoured Wagyu tomahawk steak – a full kilo of meaty goodness. Perfect for sharing or tackling on your own if you dare, this beast of a steak is cooked to order anyway you please and can be paired with a range of equally delicious side dishes.

Tomahawk steak priced at 390 baht per 100g

Sipolle Italian Food by Chef Dan
Open 11am – 10pm
15/1-2 Bumrungburi Road (next to the Suan Bauk Had Park), Chiang Mai
Facebook: sipollechefdan
087 912 4892

Steak of the Day

“Tender is the operative word here and the focus of the dish,” explains Chef Rewat when talking about his Royally influenced steak. “We pick the tenderest cuts and use precise seasoning to enhance its freshness.”

Served with mixed seasonal mushrooms that are either chopped or mashed for maximum texture and a mushroom jus, this steak dish was inspired by Queen Elisabeth II of England’s most favourite dish – the classic beef tenderloin. This dish is best enjoyed with a side of grilled potatoes and finished off by one of Her Majesty’s favourite desserts, the chocolate mousse.

Steak dishes start from 259 baht

Steak of the Day
Open 11am – 8pm
Mae Rim Plaza, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Facebook: steak.steakoftheday
081 256 7292