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A series of articles, guides, pictures and reviews on the many classes and workshops in Chiang Mai. Written by the people who live here.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

We are a dynamic city and there is always something to do. If you are looking for some Chiang Mai classes and workshops, then perhaps you will find some inspiration here. With such a vibrant international community as well as attracting Thais from all over the country, Chiang Mai caters to all sorts of tastes, interests, activities and people.

Those who enjoy the healthy life will be spoilt for choices with yoga classes, various exercise groups, sporting activities as well as coaching and community groups which focus on healthy living, healthy eating, spiritual health and such.

You can learn how to weave, do pottery, paint, cook, bake, sew, knit, stitch, draw, or doodle in a variety of groups catering to both Thai and international communities.

And if you can’t find an activity, then why not tell us about it and start your own.

We have partnered with Able To Share who run some amazing summer camps for kids, their 2024 lineup is the best so far, please check them out.

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