Spas & Retreats

A series of articles, guides, pictures and reviews on spas and retreats in Chiang Mai. Written by the people who endulge here.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

Chiang Mai does spas and retreats superbly.

Natural surroundings: check.
A city-full of health-conscious people: check.
Superbly service-minded: check.

Chiang Mai’s spas are amongst some of the best in the world; in fact, many of Chiang Mai’s spa professionals and businesses are advisors or have expanded to offer their expertise on all continents. Our spas are affordable and our therapists have excellent training, often drawing on centuries if not millennia of massage traditions. Chiang Mai architecture and design lends itself to the soothing needs and aesthetic feel of a spa and getting a massage is part and parcel of our daily life – many Thais have massages every single day of their life.

As to retreats, well once again, we do it well! Nestled in the mountains of the north are a multitude of resorts and retreats – some in the jungles, others overlooking paddy fields, some even enviously sit next to waterfalls or atop mountains. Because Chiang Mai has such a vibrant, spiritual and consciousness community, there is always some yoga, tantric, meditation or similar retreat or activity to join. They too range in prices from the super cheap to the mind-bogglingly expensive.