Coffeeshops & Tearooms

A comprehensive collection of articles, guides, pictures & reviews on coffeeshops & tearooms in Chiang Mai. Written by the coffee & tea lovers who live here.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

Coffee and tea are a defining part of the Chiang Mai experience. The city enjoys a vibrant coffee and tea culture that is located within a stone’s throw of the mountains on which it is all grown. With a cafe on every corner, the city has more coffee shops and tea houses than any other city in Thailand, making cafe hopping a popular past time. Apart from the impressive quantity of cafes, Thai coffee and tea is renowned for its quality. Local artisan coffee and tea makers have won World Latte Art competitions and created unique blends of caffeinated drinks.

At Citylife, we love our coffee and tea. Whether you are looking for a lively cafe or a relaxing garden, Chiang Mai has it all. These articles offer reviews, recommendations, and opinions about some of the best coffee shops and tearooms in the world.

Come and find the best places to indulge and enjoy.