Saruda – Chiang Mai’s finest pastries

Saruda is, without doubt, one of the finest patisseries in Chiang Mai. We take a look at some of their stunning creations. To die for.

By | Fri 22 Mar 2019

As you walk past the petite but always packed Saruda Finest Pastry, you always see someone taking a photo. Frankly, each exquisitely designed pastry is worthy of being captured for posterity, before one digs into them. Saruda is borne from the passion of Saruda ‘View’ Virat, a young Chiang Mai woman who has spent the past few years travelling back and forward to Italy and France, training under some of the world’s greatest pastry chefs. Here are just some of our favourites to whet your appetite.


Greet the heat with the juicy and refreshing madeleine. Dipped in passion fruit syrup, this aromatic piece of perfection contains a secret consisting of an exotic compote of summer fruits – pineapple, mango – which when served with coconut mousse and wafer-thin tempered chocolate reveal more layers of secret hidden within, with its coconut croustillant and toast coconut Breton fillings.


You have to get up close, very close, to realise that this isn’t a recently plucked Jaffa from a tree growing on the shores of the Mediterranean. In fact, the orange, bumpy peel and all, is made from white chocolate; its filling is a combination of orange juice and meat turned into sweet and sour syrup served on a base of hazelnut crispy rice, guaranteed to wow your IG followers.


From its smooth cream cheese mousse outer layer to its tart mango passion fruit confit filling, layers and layers of hand applied glaze make this shiny and bright mango look delectable. To add even more exoticness to the pastry, there is a base of sable parmesan made from thinly baked layers of parmesan cheese, everything coming together in one surprising and delicious bite.


Fall in love over this sweet and sour dessert inspired by juicy raspberries, fresh lychees and romantic rose petals. Made from white chocolate blended with rosa crystal in each La Rose there is a raspberry and lychee cream, made from juices and pulp of the fruits, which sits on a bed of biscuit criton made from almonds. Chocolate ganache is painstakingly sculpted into rose petals and there are even refreshing looking droplets of dew, as though recently plucked at dawn.


This chocolate cake was inspired by the idea of space detritus? The mousse is made from Valrhona premium chocolate, some of the best quality found anywhere in the world, and there is a mandarin- sauce filling which complements the chocolate like they were meant for one another. The filling gets even more intriguing with a slightly chewy and sticky chocolate biscuit cake. The outer layer, which looks almost like a meteor, is dotted with crunchy crumbles with sparkling popping candy and red glitter to keep you on your toes. This is sheer fun.

Each dish created at Saruda has gone through months and months of tests and experimentation, the final product guaranteed to wow. Whatever the occasion, whether you feel like spoiling yourself or anyone else with a truly special pastry, then head to Saruda for a memorable treat.

Saruda Finest Pastry
12 นิมมานเหมินทร์ ซอย 3
เปิดทุกวัน 9.00 – 19.30 น.
โทร. 095 224 5536
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Instagram: Saruda.Pastry