A comprehensive collection of articles, guides, pictures and reviews on Chiang Mai’s nightlife. Written by the city’s night owls & partygoers.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

Chiang Mai nightlife cannot rival Bangkok in terms of scale or variety, but the locals have a well-deserved reputation as fun-loving people, so there is plenty here for night owls and party-goers to enjoy.

Many Thais enjoy socialising over food, communally sharing dishes and drink around a table which is why bar-restaurants are a common feature of the nightlife scene. Live music is frequently a feature at these establishments and groups will alternate eating, drinking, dancing and singing often long into the night.

There is a thriving live music scene in the city with many talented local musicians entertaining nightly. There are plenty of venues catering to all genres sensual jazz to raw punk.

There are plenty of bars of every description. Cocktails are especially popular, so if you want a sundowner on a rooftop, to sip mojitos in a garden or enjoy a lychee martini in a lounge, it’s all here. Traditional pubgoers, also have plenty of choice from pub-grub hostelries where you can enjoy a quiet pint with pals to sports bars where you can watch all the latest action from around the world.

There are perhaps fewer nightclubs than you would expect in a city of Chiang Mai’s size, but they are here you just need to know where to look. The clubbing scene is most lively in the Nimmanhaemin district, close to the university. These are frequented mainly by the local, but expats and tourists also find their way to these spots. A more international crowd gathers in an area around Ratviti Road in the Old City.

In addition to the venues, night and food markets offer another choice for an evenings entertainment. There is so much nightlife to enjoy in Chiang Mai. Let these pages be your guide.