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By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

If you love music, then you are in for a treat because the Chiang Mai music scene is thriving. Live music is the thing here and you will find live bands playing in restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and even public spaces all around the city.

While in the past bands played mostly cover music, the scene has changed rapidly in recent years as musicians insist on playing original music to growing appreciation from the audience.

Lovers of live music can start the evening at any riverside pub, listening to the gentle cooing of music or dancing away to some fun covers. They can then choose to go to the Night Bazaar to try their luck at Boy Blues Bar, where members of the audience frequently are invited to jam, and often wow with their skills. Another place that encourages participation is North Gate Jazz, a tiny pub which often sees hundreds of punters spilling out onto the road, as they crane to listen to some great jazz. Then there is Tha Pae East, another petite venue which attracts visiting musicians; one night a Brazilian guitarist, another an Israeli on ukulele.

But if you want an authentic Thai experience, then head off to any of the big venues – Warm Up, Infinity, Tawandang, where warehouses of people dance and drink the night away while being entertained by bands. There is a reggae scene, a hard rock and punk scene, hip hop and rap and frequent classical concerts to be found.

Keep your ear to the ground, or your eyes on our site, to find out what’s happening in the Chiang Mai music scene.