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On these pages, and this website, you will find the entire panoply of life in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is our city - we are Chiang Mai

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020

If a city is the sum of its people, then ours is an extraordinary fusion of characters, an explosion of creativity, an altar to passion, a disco ball of fun and a monument to culture and tradition.

Chiang Mai is a city that proudly shows off its seven hundred years of history at every corner – a glittering pagoda here, an old temple ruin there. We are also blessed to be surrounded by an exotic, abundant natural environment; its nature, culture and vibrant traditions have seduced people to settle down here throughout its history.

Citylife has spent the past three decades writing about every aspect of Chiang Mai and its colourful cast of characters. We shine a spotlight on issues of concern. We celebrate the city’s and our people’s successes. We cover the city’s stumbles and foibles with good humour. We investigate and explain complex challenges. We help showcase the needy and connect them to those who can help. We ask questions, providing insights and perspectives.

Like most cities which have seen rapid advancement, Chiang Mai has her fair share of issues; the annual scourge of pollution, the denuding of our mountain forests, rampant and unchecked development, or the social ills which come from these growing pains. Citylife does not shy away from any of these topics; often leading the charge for change, because we believe that with a media platform comes a voice and with a voice comes responsibility and the ability to affect change.

On the other hand, we are Chiang Mai and we love ‘sanuk’ – fun. Over the years we have waxed pretentious at art exhibitions and made fools of ourselves by trying new things. We have educated ourselves by joining various classes, courses and lectures and partied hard at any number of events happening every day and night across the city. We have plunged ourselves into whatever exciting new pool of opportunity the city has to offer.

Our readers, like Chiang Mai’s residents, are a mixed lot. We are read by educated English speaking Thais, by students practicing their language skills, by expatriates who come to us as a source of information and entertainment, by digital nomads who call this home a few months a year, by envious Thais across the country who dream of one day settling in our northern city and of course by tourists around the world who visit our web site as their first port of online-call.

With such a diverse readership, Citylife has learnt that the city means something different for everyone. This leads us to constantly explore Chiang Mai, and the surrounding north of Thailand, seeing it from a myriad of perspectives. We provide constant, fresh, insightful content about our unique and exceptionally beautiful part of the world, much of which many have never explored before.

We will continue to be nosy, to learn, to explore, to challenge, to experience and to make sense of what is going on around us all, picking it all apart before putting it back together for you right here on these pages.