Resorts in the Samoeng Loop that highlight the natural beauty of Chiang Mai

The Samoeng Loop is one of the most scenic drives in Northern Thailand. We feature some exceptional resorts on the way so you can turn your trip into a weekender.

By | Fri 5 Jul 2019

No beaches? No problem. Chiang Mai’s mountainous features makes for some breathtaking views. While most foreigners may want to visit the general tourist spots such as Doi Suthep, the elephant sanctuaries or the bustling night markets, some may prefer to slow down and bask in the natural ambience of Chiang Mai. Add the Samoeng Loop into your travel itinerary to get the perfect adventure. By following the route, which is roughly around a 100 km circuit which starts and ends in the city of Chiang Mai, you can hop from destination to destination, and spend the day relaxing in the midst of gorgeous scenery. Here are several places you can visit along the way.

Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort

Panviman is located beyond the hilly area of Mae Rim. The ride may be far, but the destination is well worth the kilometres. Snuggled in the tropical forests, Panviman will leave visitors in awe of the sights that Chiang Mai has to offer. As you arrive, a chauffeur in a golf cart will assist you through the sloped resort. Single day visitors can choose to relax in the spa room, pool area, or simply dine. The entrance fee to the spacious outdoor pool for non-hotel-staying guests is 250 baht. There are two floors in the pool area: on the bottom level sits one big pool, while the top floor contains another pool with a built in jacuzzi on the side. A restaurant is located just nearby – so one could enjoy their food and drinks on the poolside. Instagram addicts (like me) will be delighted as every corner of the resort provides a good opportunity to take some photos. However, if you aren’t as egotistical and like to enjoy every moment, then the peacefulness and aura of nature will suffice.

197/2 Moo 1, T. Pong Yaeng, A. Mae Rim

Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai

This resort is closer to downtown Chiang Mai – located in Hang Dong, but the entrance fee to the infinity pool is a bit pricier. Nevertheless, the views are still worth the price. At 500 baht, visitors will have access to the modern pool and choose a complimentary drink ranging from smoothies to cocktails to order for their stay. The infinity pool is positioned on the roof terrace and overlooks Chiang Mai’s northern forests and valleys. With both shallow and deep ends, the pool area is family-friendly. Many tourists come by the resort just capture the views on their devices without being required to pay, but what’s the point of traveling all the way down there and leaving without taking a classic overlooking-the-infinity-pool photo right?

192 Moo 2 Banpong Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230

Proud Phu Fah Resort

This resort is located right on the Mae Rim – Samoeng Road. Attain a feeling of zen by walking through its lush pathways and flowing streams, calming your spirit and clearing your mind of any daily stresses. Checked-in guests will find no problem with keeping themselves occupied with the numerous activities and services provided which includes: watercolor painting, thai cooking classes, thai massage, ATV tour, and a refreshing pool with an Aqua Pool Salt system- activities which energizes your body and mind. If you prefer to venture out, the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Nong Hoi Royal Project are some nearby landmarks which are great for light walks and relaxing scenery.

97/5 Moo 1, Mae Rim-Samoeng Road. T. Pongyang, A. Mae Rim
Tel. 053 879 389, 053 879 286

Mae Sa Valley Garden Resort and Craft Village

Want to escape the rowdiness and pollution of the city? Spend a day at Mae Sa Valley. All resort amenities and activities are exclusive to checked-in guests, so make sure to book your room before arriving. Located just around the corner of Mae Rim, this cottage-themed resort lives up to its name. Set aside time to spend at the pool area with its grand mountain views and surroundings. If you’re feeling extra spontaneous and want to unleash your creative side, there are morning and afternoon sessions of thai cooking classes, as well as craft lessons which offers parasol painting, batik dyeing, and porcelain making.

86 Moo 2, T. Pongyang, A. Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180
Tel: 053 290 051-2 

Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai

Also located in Hang Dong, this pretty villa and its charming essence surely won’t disappoint visitors who stop by. At a pool entrance fee of only 100 baht, you can get a sweet taste of paradise for such a small price. bar If you are planning to check-in, there is a spa room available with a huge selection of spa treatments, a fitness center, as well as a restaurant and mini bar which sits on a large terrace by the pool. And if you want to roam outside and do a little touristing, you can visit some elephants at the Patara Elephant Camp nearby the resort.

135 Moo 5, T. Baan Pong, A. Hang Dong
Tel: 089 433 5990