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A series of articles, information, stories and pictures about clothing and fashion shopping in Chiang Mai.

By | Tue 14 Apr 2020

Shopping for clothes and fashion in Chiang Mai is an adventure that grows and develops the more you explore. At the surface, there is are all the usual stores required to meet your day-to-day clothing requirements, but when you start to scratch the surface, there are so many more exciting discoveries to uncover.

Traditionally the clothing industry was clustered in fabric district, the area around Wororot Market. It still thrives today, a maze of streets and sois filed with open-fronted shops overflowing with bolts of cloth of every colour, texture and weave. Buy whatever takes your fancy and then find one of the city’s many skilled tailors to create the garment of your dreams.

For something equally special visit one of the city’s boutique clothing stores. Many of these are owned and operated by local designers who sell original creations, ranging from flamboyant to the formal often with more than a nod to local Lanna culture.

Chiang Mai offers endless choice for clothing and fashion. Start your journey of discovery here.