Come and listen to the live music at the Citylife Garden Fair on Saturday 25 November

We have nearly nine hours’ worth of entertainment lined up on the main stage at this year’s Citylife Garden fair. A range of music to suit all tastes and showcase some of the talent that Chiang Mai has to offer.

By | Tue 21 Nov 2023

We have a great lineup of music and bands at the Citylife Garden Fair. The event itself is sponsored by TAT and GLOM, with the music stage sponsored by The Dukes. We are in for a wonderful day with some great artistes and bands performing for our annual charity event. We have nearly nine hours of performances lined up at the wonderful Boonthavorn Private Gardens, our long-time location supporter. Did someone say music festival?

Starting around 11:45, maybe a little earlier (so much to cram in!), pupils from Ambassador Education Group, Singapore International School and Satit International School will open the stage for us. Pupils from each school will perform a fifteen to twenty-minute set so we can listen to the next generation of Chiang Mai talent.

Anna Nantawan, one of Chiang Mai’s premier singer-songwriters with her band of friends, will then play a selection of her songs, old and new. And if you have seen Anna play, you know she is full of Thai soul and passion, and has a magical voice and persona that just grabs your attention. Simply wonderful.

Moving further into the afternoon, perhaps having enjoyed a spot of lunch and maybe a relaxing libation, The Croissant Band will play a reggae set that will just hit the spot. They played at last year’s fair and were brilliant. So cool. Looking forward to hearing them play again. Close your eyes, and you could be anywhere…



Then, a change of pace as Hot Topic will perform some show tunes and the like. These guys pop up around town, and there is no doubting their talent; acting, singing, theater, drama, musicals, operas, contemporary songs, there is something for everyone to listen to and enjoy. And, of course, sing along if you know the lyrics. Or if you don’t. I don’t mind.



GLOM, one of the sponsors of the fair, will then give us a special short performance so we can learn more about their theatre activities.

Keeping it mellow, Sensitive Side, a duo comprising Joyce, a well-known bastion of the local music scene, and “her man” (… that’s what she said…) will perform a collection of soul, country, and blues. If you have seen Joyce perform as part of The Backstabbers, well… this is her sensitive side. When I asked how to describe them, her reply was “hot, sexy pieces of meat.” So, should be fun.


As the evening approaches, it is time to start getting the feet tapping, perhaps with a spot of jigging and the like. Can’t think of a better band than The Itinerants, playing a mixture of Irish, Celtic and familiar folk tunes. They played early last year, but this year will play the last of the acoustic sets. If you don’t clap along or feel nostalgic, perhaps even shed a tear or feel that lump in your throat at some point, I would be very disappointed.



Rusty Strings, a three-piece blues band, will then start ratcheting up the volume and the rhythm as we head into the evening. Three experienced musicians who are masters of their instruments and play because they love playing. I am expecting an original set,  perhaps some classics and I know they are doing nothing but rehearsing. So, no pressure, guys! Can’t beat a bit of the blues.


The penultimate band is Northern Rock. If you have not seen these guys, then you absolutely must be in front of the stage around 7 PM. They will play a selection of classic rock songs and never fail to get everyone dancing and singing. PARTY PARTY. PARTY. Seriously good and a chance for serious rocking. Perhaps a head-bang or two. Three is my limit these days.



The final band is AfterCrush, an utterly brilliant band who will perform their own original songs. It’s all about the music and the feel, the journey and the emotion of what they play, and that is reflected in their performance. Such skills, such melodies, the sound. Oh… and volume too. Yes. They have built up quite a following over the last couple of years and when you hear them play, you will understand why.


So, something for everyone at the Garden Fair 2023 Mini-festival! The next generation, singer-songwriters, reggae, show tunes, soul, country, folk, blues, rock, and original music. We could have had twice as many bands given the talent in Chiang Mai. But we only have 9 hours… and I hope you enjoy this wide selection of musicians and musical styles. I know I will. Feel free to come and have a chat about your band. We will need more bands next year!

Schedule: timings are approximate and may change slightly. Each band is scheduled to play a 45-minute set with fifteen minutes for the bands to swap.

11:45 – 12:45                           Schools performances

11:45       Ambassador Education Group

12:10       Singapore International School

12:25       Satit International School

13:00 – 13:45                           Anna Nantawan & Friends

14:00 – 14:45                           The Croissant Band

15:00 – 15:45                           Hot Topic

15:45 – 16:00                           GLOM Theatre

16:00 – 16:45                           Sensitive Side

17:00 – 17:45                           The Itinerants

18:00 – 18:45                           Rusty Strings

19:00 – 19:45                           Northern Rock

20:00 – 21:00                           AfterCrush

We will use the fifteen-minute changeovers for announcements, raffle, general messages and information.


This year, TAT presents a Loy Krathong event on one of the islands where there will be some bio-degradable krathongs for people to participate as we approach sundown. Let’s all come together and join us for the Citylife Garden Fair’s first Loy Krathong!


Boonthavorn has been a wonderful location partner for the Citylife Garden Fair, and we are super excited to be welcoming the owner of Boonthavorn who will be flying up from Bangkok with a few dozen of his friends to enjoy the day!


GLOM is an innovative and groundbreaking new theatre company who is challenging the perception of live performance. Moving beyond traditional presentation, they strive to present interactive, sensory events that heighten both experience and appreciation, beyond today’s theatre. GLOM is more than just a theatre group and fast becoming an innovative arts partner for the city.

At this year’s Garden Fair, you can learn more about GLOM as they are setting up a Pop-Up Pom-Pom playground on one of the islands. And they will be giving us a quick performance on the stage.

Next year, GLOM will hold its first “GLOM GLOM! Children’s Festival 2024”, another exciting event to look forward to.

Here is more info on Glom and how to contact them if you are interested in this dynamic and exciting new venture. GLOM GLOM! Children’s Festival


See you, your family and your friends on Saturday 25th November 2023 at Boonthavorn Garden!