Fah Lanna Spa Nimman Branch

Fah Lanna offers one of the finest spa experiences in Chiang Mai. Relaxing, rejuvenating and ecologically conscientious.

By | Mon 22 Apr 2019

Upon arrival at the expansive grounds of Fah Lanna Spa, one immediately exhales. The ubiquitous spa aromas gently tickle the nose and lead you inwards, but there is something wonderful about having a large space where art, culture, crafts, design and nature intermix so seamlessly.


Bamboo is the highlighted material that is used from roof to numerous little details in the spa’s artistic interior design. Already renowned, and in possession of numerous awards and accolades, this spa is designed not just to make your body feel good, but your spirit and your soul. Using only high quality eco-friendly material in the construction of all fencing and buildings, all the way through to the numerous kinds of baskets and countless daily use items, Fah Lanna Spa is ecologically conscientious, so you know that while you are feeling good, you are also supporting good. Most of the objet d’arts, craft and decorative items are sought from craftpeople across northern Thailand, many of the artisans proudly holding their products featured prominently in stylish photographs found across the spa. Pillows, for example, are made from the old baby carrier cloths, and when combined with clean brown hemp fabric, this creates a chic, classy look when casually thrown onto an arm chair.

While spacious, the spa also makes sure that guests have privacy, providing separate buildings for intimacy and serenity. Bright, tidy and cosy just like being welcomed in a lofty Thai home, the spa has a total of 11 rooms and one opulent suite. For those who come in groups or a family of four, it is recommended to occupy a private corner with two separate rooms and a private connecting hallway. There is even exptra space outdoors for a future yoga garden. Throughout the property you can hear the gentle tinkling of water, as the waterwheel gently churns. Tucked away in the back is a hobbit looking en suite steam room. Inside is a cave inspired design with strong Thai herbal aroma that will lure you to close your eyes, sit back and just relax. There will be staff nearby the steam room at all times for safety reasons.

The quality of the service at Fah Lanna Spa is guaranteed by the multiple awards they have won which include the Thai Wisdom Spa Awards by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Prices start at 350 baht. There is variety of packages that will suit your preferences, from beauty treatments to expert waxing. The signature is the Fah Lanna Wisdom that presents Lanna art and wisdom with the aromatic herbal steam, betel leaf skin detox, traditional Thai massage, herbal ball massage, facial massage and Dachanee Nang massage. There is a free shuttle available. Reservations are recommended.

4/1 Nimmanhaemin Soi 15, T. Suthep
Open 10am – 10pm
Tel. 053 416 191