Best pizza in Chiang Mai

A look at the finest pizzarias in Chiang Mai chosen by the people who live here.

By | Sat 21 Mar 2020

Pizza is delicious, and even the most dedicated Thai food fans will have moments where nothing will cure their appetite like a freshly baked pizza topped with cheese, meat, mushrooms and a thick rich tomato sauce. So, because we know that if you’re here you’ve probably got pizza on the brain, we have collected together what we believe to be the best pizza restaurants in Chiang Mai for your convenience. From thin crust to thick, personal pans to giant rounds – this city has them all.

The Dukes American restaurant chiang Mai

The Duke’s

Being the first American restaurant by the Ping River in Chiang Mai since 2005, the Duke’s is now both locals’ and travelers’ favorites. The Duke’s serves imported meat for their steaks and burgers. Don’t miss its signature, an array of fresh dough made pizzas, Meat Lovers, Italiano, BBQ Chicken, and many more to enjoy. Or sit back and enjoy any of the super-yummy desserts from the owner who not only offers customers heavenly taste but a cozy atmosphere as well. Fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh from organic farms around Chiang Mai. The Duke’s has 4 branches in Chiang Mai and 1 in Phuket: Ping River, Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center, Night Bazaar, Promenada Shopping Mall, and Patong Beach.

The Duke’s (Ping River)
49, 4-5 Chiang Mai-Lam Phun Rd, T. Chang Moi, Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel. 053 249 231
Open daily: 11am – 11pm
Facebook : thedukeschiangmai

Delivery: Mealsonwheels4u

Monday Sick Leave

Up on the rooftop of a four storey-building on Chang Klan, thin crispy pizza is served hot from a wood-fired oven. There is a quirky garage party vibe as drinks are served in the plastic red cups you see in all the Hollywood teen movies, ready to be filled with cool local craft beers. Before your pizza arrives you can enjoy a light refreshing caprese salad or a giant bowl of Caesar salad to share with friends and get a conversation going. If you like BBQ, you can order a set which comes in four or six skewers with optional meat to choose. For a little more spicy taste you might want to try the Sichuan pepper BBQ. If you are not quite full just yet, try the baked grill pork spare ribs BBQ and there are also pasta menu to enjoy. Cheap and very cheerful.

Srijundon Road, T. Chang Klan
Open 5.30 – 11.30pm (closed Mondays)
Tel. 093 165 1782
Facebook: mdslrooftopcm


Found inside Nimman’s only five star hotel – akyra Manor – this restaurant is not only five star in quality, but also very affordable too. The pizzas are freshly cooked in a wood oven upon ordering and can be topped with a range of luxurious and splendiferous toppings such as our favourite, the truffle and burrata cheese pizza. Because they are cooked in a wood oven, the flavours mature in a rich and fragrant way, and we can guarantee when that pizza comes to your table, the aroma will blow you away. Other toppings include parma ham with rocket, four cheese, pesto seafood and more. If you want a more unique pizza experience, you can book yourself into the chef’s table and get your own personal concoction, or if you’re feeling like a party, why not take your pizza upstairs and enjoy it with one of the many cocktails served at Rise Bar, the hotel’s small but classy rooftop bar.

Open 7am – 11pm

22/2 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 9, Chiang Mai 

053 216 219

Pizzas start from 280 baht

Delivery: Mealsonwheels4u 

Street Pizza

This pizzeria is a Chiang Mai favourite. From humble beginnings in a small truck roadside, the owner has now expanded and grown to be one of the city’s go to pizza joints. They specialise in think crispy based pizzas, topped with a fusion of flavours that will leave your taste buds sizzling and dancing. Their all-time best seller is the Nar-Wad pizza, a subtle fusion of wild boar bacon and Thai basil and dried chilies. Other signatures include the tandoori chicken which is rich in fragrance but light in taste, the sweet and sour Korean kimchi pizza, and the smoked salmon pizza that is a treat for the eyes as the bright orange salmon contrasts with black olives and white mozzarella. They even have a sweet banana or pear almond pizza that may sound strange but tastes sublime.

Open Midday – 11pm (Closed on Mondays)

7-15 Tha Pae Road, Chang Moi, Chiang Mai

Facebook: Street Pizza & The Wine House 

085 073 5746

Pizzas start from 209 baht

Delivery: Foodpanda / Mealsonwheels4u

Garibaldis Brasserie

Garibaldis is exactly what you want from an Italian restaurant, great food, great atmosphere and great wine. Opening up on Nimmanhaemin Soi 7 not too long ago, the locals in the area hailed this newcomer and were not disappointed with what they were presented. Expect classic Italian pizza toppings with rich layers of cheese and top quality tomato sauce. All the flour and key Italian ingredients are imported from Europe to ensure the right flavour profiles are served. Their classic four cheese pizza is both fragrant but not overwhelming, a perfect choice for those stretchy cheese fans and the parma ham, rocket and burrata cheese pizza is one of their best sellers. Each table gets free flow warmed bread served with salsa and arrabiata sauce, and they have a very good house wine for just 99 baht a glass.

Open 10.30am – 2pm and 6pm – 11pm

20/2 Nimmanhaemin Soi 7, Chiang Mai

Facebook: Garibaldis Brasserie

061 234 2344

Pizzas start at 200 baht

Delivery: Foodpanda 

Rose’s Roadhouse

If you’re looking for a big pizza to cure your big appetite then this roadhouse is exactly what you are looking for. All the American classics aside, the New York pizzas here are second to none and absolutely massive. The small comes in at a whopping 14 inches and their biggest grows to a mind boggling 25 inches! It’s so big it need’s its own stool to stand on as the tables are too small. Pictures do an injustice but take it from us, that is huge. Using over 1 kilo of cheese (imported from the US) and piles and piles of topping, this is the ultimate pizza. Rose’s Special is a favourite among customers who keep coming back for more, topped with salami, ham, sausage, onions, mushroom and olives. The meatlover and tom yum pizzas also go down a treat. At 25 inches, one slice is enough for a horse so make sure you bring your friends and tuck in. While you’re there, don’t forget to order the full rack of BBQ pork ribs and a portion of chicken wings (from eight to 50 pieces) served with almost a dozen sauces.

Open 11am – 9.30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

44/21 Smoproi Road, Mae Hia, Chiang Mai

Facebook: Rose’s RoadHouse & New York Style Pizza in Chiang Mai

081 883 8977 / 053 806 077

Pizzas start at 420 baht

Delivery: Mealsonwheels4u