Best Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai

We review Chiang Mai's best Japanese restaurants, and best doesn't't mean most expensive with one charging just 69 baht a dish!

By | Mon 1 Feb 2021

Japanese restaurants are popping up across the city, and Chiang Mai is firmly established the best city for sashimi and sushi rolls north of Bangkok. Whether you’re looking for high end fancy slices served with all the toppings you can imagine, or cheap easy and delicious noodles and sashimi, we have you covered.

Nanohana Japanese Restaurant

The newest destination for a taste of Japan in the heart of the city

Japan has many food traditions beloved by Thais and this newest restaurant will appeal for its variety and sheer exquisiteness of each artfully presented dish. From grill to omakase to shabu shabu, izakaya, there are all sorts of experiences, tastes and fun to be had.

Using only premium products and artfully presented, why not check out the 16 course omakase which will leave you spoilt for choice and satiated. There are also two large signature courses created by the chef which are both worth indulging in. Courses start at 1,299 baht and go up to 2,999 baht depending on your hunger or desire!

These courses are only available on Fridays to Sundays for two seatings – 6pm and 8pm.

The courses change as and when the chef decides, as it depends on availability of the best and freshest of produce.

The a la carte menu offers up to eight types of sashimi, again changing seasonally. Many the favourite Japanese premium dishes are available here with delicious Wagyu, fluffy white rice onigiri and a great selection of sushi. If you are a beef lover then definitely order the marbled and tender miyazaki beef which you can cook shabu shabu, grill or whatever style you wish.

And there are all sorts of wonderful drinks, alcoholic or virginal, to wash it all down with.

Nanohana Japanese Restaurant
Phone: 085 564 2649
Line official @nanohana888

A unique Japanese gastro bar amongst a sea of same same

Uchi Japanese Gastro Bar has a lot to offer. It serves up delicious Japanese fare using only the best of local and imported produce. It has created a fun pub-vibe with barstools, nooks and crannies where punters can sit back and enjoy a generous array of drinks, with a particularly tempting menu of fine sakes. It invites regulars and locals to settle in and feel at ease, after all uchi in Japanese means ‘our home’, making this destination a great place to pop in for a quite bite during the day, an indulgent drink with colleagues after work, a festive place to indulge in a feast with family and friends, or just a quick stop for a bite.

Whet your appetite with the Hokkaido scallop carpaccio, a delicate dish which highlights the freshness of the quality scallops, topped with the intense flavours of pickled wasabi which dance on the tongue as salmon roe bursts with each bite and all tied together with the ponzu jelly.  Meat lovers must order the saga wagyu striploin marbling score, an A4-grade miniyaki which is cut into bite-sized cubes sizzled on some hot coal and dipped in Himalayan sea salt which simply melts away in the mouth. The chutoro tartare is a very delicate dish using the marbled pink tuna stomach, served with salmon roe and pickled wasabi along with crags eggs which burst joyfully and saltily with each bite.

For something truly decadent order the wagyu kikiri foie gras served with aromatic truffle oil; rich, creamy and smooth as silk on the tongue.

The menu is large and very tempting, diverging from the many staple and template menus found in most Japanese restaurants around town. Lovers of Japanese food, lovers of a great night out, lovers of delicious sakes – check out Uchi Japanese Gastro Bar.

Uchi Japanese Gastro Bar
Open Hours 11.00am – midnight
Phone 06-4896-6196
Line official @UchiBar

The Good View 69 Sushi Bar & Bistro

Well known among the city’s hip, The Good View offers a lively ambience venue for dining either before, during or after a night out. Recently, the owners opened a new night time dining option – The Good View 69 Sushi Bar & Bistro. With a Tokyo-inspired representing the essence of an Izakaya restaurant with cozy chairs and intimate corners scattered along with fun objet d’arts and manga collectables, this lively diner welcomes visitors with a parade of mouthwatering quick and tasty Japanese bites. All dishes as well as refreshing drinks, beer and a glass of wine is in the price of 69 baht and are prepared by experienced chef. Each dish is served in a unique and distinctive style, but with a real sense of Japan. The ingredients are fresh and carefully selected. Highly recommended is Gyu Abuki, Sake Nigiri with Cheese, Oysters with Ponzu Sauce.

The Good View 69 Sushi Bar & Bistro
404 Mae Hia, Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
Open Daily: 5pm–midnight
Tel: 053-904406-8,090-3208938
Facebook: Goodview69sushi
Line ID:@goodviewvillage


Award-winning Tengoku de Cuisine has been the recipient of Thailand Tatler’s Thailand’s Best Restaurants for over a decade, a testament to its consistently high quality of food and service. As one of the city’s most beloved and acclaimed Japanese restaurants, Tengoku has the luxury of supplying its kitchen with only the freshest of produce on a daily basis.

Some of the more popular dishes include the delicious grilled eggplant with miso sauce where the rich, and smooth texture of the eggplant is enhanced by the savoury sweetness of miso and the kaleidoscopic three-coloured seaweed salad which combines not just colour, but textures of the seaweeds served with subtle sesame dressing.

Once the appetite has been whetted, move on to the beef tataki where a small mound of thinly sliced raw sirloin served atop slithers of onion and garlic paste. Dip the meat and onion in the ponzu sauce for five seconds and this is a bite of heaven.

Tengoku has three branches offering three different Chiang Mai experiences, there is the classic Tengoku de Cuisine which is very elegant and perfect for private and intimate groups serving a la carte as well as the restaurant’s famous 880 baht buffet, then there is the city branch, Tengoku+Yaki which serves the same but also has a 555 baht brill buffet and bar and lastly Tenkogu Mae On is a resort style Tengoku for those wanting to take their time over a meal in a spectacular country setting.

Open 11am – 2pm and 5.30 – 10pm
Nimman Branch: Tel. 087 725 9888, 053 215 801
Tha Sala Branch: Tel. 053 850 111
San Kamphaeng Branch: Tel. 081 885 5959

Sakanaya CNX

This curious Japanese restaurant that has opened up near Nimman features delicious Japanese cuisine in a lovely setting. Being halal, this is a great place for anyone with religious dietary concerns that may prevent you from eating Japanese food at other locations. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with teak wood and eclectic furnishings that offer intimate seating for two all the way up to large groups. The sashimi, from salmon to tuna, otoro to prawns, is fresh and perfectly prepared each and every time. The chef makes great rolls and the restaurant also imports Australian Wagyu that can be served in a number of ways including a straight steak for those meat lovers out there. Interestingly, the restaurant also has a nice collection of sweets, including the Boston cheesecake which pairs perfectly with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Open 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 10pm
21/10 Soi 9 Sirimangkalajarn Road, Suthep
Facebook: Sakanaya CNX
053 216 883 / 084 611 8116