7 extreme sports in Chiang Mai

Feel like getting your adrenal glands pumping? For the extreme sports enthusiast there is plenty to do in Chiang Mai.

By | Tue 31 Jul 2018

Feel like getting your adrenal glands pumping? Well Chiang Mai, while being no Queensland, still has a great range of thrilling activities for you to dive into.

Bungee Jump Anyone?

The more you think about it the harder it’s going to be…so just close your eyes and go for it. People have even done it naked, but beware of any prying police eyes.

Open 9am – 6pm
816 Mae Rim-Samoeng Road
Facebook: X Centre Chiang Mai
053 297 700

Go Climbing


Chiang Mai is full of rock climbing opportunities, with mountains and cliff faces abundant. Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures offers both indoor and outdoor climbing and even caving, if you dare! All skill levels can give it a go.

Open 8am – 8pm
55/3 Ratchapakhinai Road, Phra Singh
Facebook: Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures
053 207 102

Shoot Some Guns

Okay, so BB guns are not seen as that ‘extreme’ but the ones in Chiang Mai pack quite a punch. Some call the sport airsoft, but whatever you want to call it just make sure to pad up, put on that mask and prepare to defeat your rival.

Open 10 am – 10pm
Blackout BB Gun Chiang Mai, 180, Sompot Chiang Mai 700 Years Road
Facebook: BlackOut BB GUN Chiang Mai
080 500 2175

Raft on Churning White Water


Face it, during the rainy season you’re going to get wet so why not just accept your fate and get stuck into the famous white water rapids of the Mae Taeng River. During this season the rivers can be at their most violent…so be warned!

Open 8.30am – 8pm
Siam River Adventures Co. Ltd., 17 Ratwitthi Road, T. Sri Phum
Facebook: Siam River Adventures Co. Ltd.
089 515 1917

Fly a Microlight

Explore Chiang Mai from the sky in the safe hands of the professional pilots from Chiang Mai Sky Adventures. Soar through the clouds and wave at the little people below! They also do hot air ballooning…but that’s hardly extreme.

Open daily 7am – 9.30pm
190 3, Nong Yhang, A. Sansai
081 993 6861

ATV in the Jungle

If you love the jungle but hate trekking, then jump onto a 660cc mini buggy ATV and head into the bushes, fording rivers and splattering yourself with mud.

Open 9am – 5pm
ATV Chiang Mai Tours, 424 1, Mae Rim, A. Mae Rim
053 044 309

Two Wheels not Four

For those who prefer two wheels to four, then give X-Biking a call and build new experiences deep inside the jungle, reaching places ATV drivers can only dream of. They have trails that suit all levels too so feel free to challenge yourself if you really dare!

Open 8am – 5pm
X-Biking Chiang Mai, 23/1 Chang Moi Road, Soi 3, T. Chang Moi
Facebook: X-Biking Chiang Mai
089 951 0015