Some sweet news for the Citylife online shop

You can now buy Siamaya’s distinctive Thai inspired chocolate in the Citylife online shop.

By | Fri 24 Sep 2021

Well, our shop has been open for a month. Overall, the response has been positive. But as you might expect, we have received a lot of feedback. In various forms. At varying decibel levels. And some ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Including things to work on and improve, there have also been lots of ideas for products and businesses to feature on the Citylife online shop.

Remember, we are not trying to be the next Amazon, Lazada, or Shopee. We cannot compete against those vast platforms, and nor are we going to try. Rather, our objective is to offer a platform for Chiang Mai businesses outside the usual channels and using our audience.

Provide customer access and visibility where perhaps there is none because of the pandemic. Shine a light on the clever and innovative people around us. And showcase our city to the world through the exciting products and creative ideas that reflect the talent here. (And yes, our pages and content are read around the world!)

As such, we are pleased to welcome Siamaya and its excellent chocolate and cacao products to the Citylife online shop.

Siamaya transforms locally grown, organic Thai Cacao into delicious, distinctive chocolates with unexpected flavors inspired by Thailand’s extraordinary tastes and aromas. All their chocolate is handcrafted, using only the best locally selected ingredients, including 100% of the Cacao beans. Masterful blends, coupled with delicate textures and beautiful layers, will absolutely let you taste the difference.

You can check out their products here in the Citylife shop.

Our shop will continue to be a developing story and there is much to be done. We are taking this one step at a time. Suggestions for the shop are exciting, and we welcome being shown innovative companies and products, especially when they taste as good as Siamaya. The perfect gift for a real chocolate lover. Or to simply spoil yourself.