Royal Cuisine: the first prolific foodies

Thailand's legendary King, His Majesty Rama V, had a passion for cooking.

By | Fri 18 May 2018


The First Prolific Foodies

During the reign of King Rama V, anything to do with cooking or the kitchen was firmly in the woman’s domain, with few men interested, or able to cook. Yet, one man had a passion for cooking, going so far as to translate western receipes, totalling 325 recipes fro French and English into Thai. That man was also often seen in the kitchen, cooking, experimenting and by all accounts was one of our nation’s first prolific foodies. That man was King Rama V himself.
One of his favourite dishes is the classic French comfort dish, pot au feu which His Majesty used to cook himself in the royal
kitchens, often called Puppy Soup due to his penchant of feeding his puppies with its leftovers.



Pot au feu is as French as any soup can possibly get, having been found in French households from the most humble to elevated, through the centuries.
Le Coq D’Or restaurant’s pot au feu draws its aromas and flavours from truffles, premium grade beef and foie gras, infusing these key ingredients with rosemary, oregano and baby carrots, simmering for up to six hours before straining to clear perfection.