Royal Cuisine: Mae Krua Hua Bpak Cookbook by Lady Prien Pasakorn-Rawong

Born to cook, lady Prien Pasakorn-Rawong during the reign of King Rama III coined the popular phrase Mae Krua Hua Bpak, the popular term for a natural born cook.

By | Mon 18 Dec 2017


Mae Krua Hua Bpak

A cookbook written by Lady Prien Pasakorn-Rawong

Mae Krua Hua Bpak is a Thai phrase which is used to refer to people who are natural born cooks and those who love being in the kitchen. What is not known, and something we only found out ourselves this month, is that it was the name a cookbook written by Lady Prien Pasakorn-Rawong, a highly born lady during the reign of King Rama III. Lady Prien, having been brought up with all the etiquette and training in how to be a proper lady, as was befitting of a lady of her rank during that time, was invited by a magazine to share her knowledge of Thai food in a monthly column. Her column gained huge popularity and eventually turned into a cookbook. She was also the first person to use measuring standards in Thai recipes, taking her knowledge of western cooking to start measuring the units and weights of Thai ingredients under the unit, ‘baht’.

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