Thailand’s Strongest Man

Thailand’s Strongest Man 2018 is hosted by Moo Baa Strongman Gym.The five strength competitions will test the limits of competitors from around the world.

By | Mon 5 Nov 2018

Strongest Man 2

The Thailand’s Strongest Man 2018 is hosted and organised by Moo Baa Strongman Gym. According to event organizers, Thailand’s Strongest Man 2018 [opens video] is the closest event to the pinnacle of strongman, World’s Strongest Man, ever hosted in Thailand and will include five muscle-rippling events including a log press and a bus pull.  We at Citylife do not have much experience in this area, admittedly, but it sounds intense, entertaining, and impressive to say the least!  On top of that, it will take place in a premium location in Chiang Mai during peak tourist season. The location of the event will be Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai, Thailand, so the participants can experience the great competition by day and enjoy some extraordinary Thai culture by night, including Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festivities, as the competition will take place on 23rd and 24th of November, 2018. The event welcomes competitors, spectators, and members of the media from Thailand and around the world.

The organizers tell us they look forward to a robust competition featuring Thai and global competitors and emphasize that Thai athletes are especially encouraged to participate. A professional Strongman athlete has been hired to judge the events fairly and professionally. The event provides an opportunity for competitors to showcase their athletic prowess and strength. Organizers are billing this event as the greatest strongman competition in Thai history and an opportunity to showcase the athletic prowess and strength of Thai athletes as well as all competitors. The taste of victory for Thai athletes today could bring them to the international level in the near future.

So far, after only a month of open registration, competitors include an Australian who holds 9th place in the Arnold Classic 2018, and an American trained in Westside Barbell (a gym which regularly produces world record holders) as a power-lifter. Interested strongmen are encouraged to test their mettle and flex their way to victory at this pioneering competition.  Register at the Moo Baa Strongman Gym Facebook page. The schedule of events is listed below.

Schedule of Events

22 November 2018


23 November 2018

Log Press, Bus Pull

24 November 2018

Car Deadlift, Rice Sack Hold, Atlas Stone Series