Arcobaleno – Chiang Mai’s First Italian Restaurant

The city’s first Italian restaurant passed on his recipes to his daughter, who has faithfully kept her father’s most popular dishes.

By | Fri 22 Mar 2019


Before the proliferation of Italian restaurants across Chiang Mai three was the iconic Babylon, the city’s first Italian restaurant. Its chef and owner passed away, yet passed on his recipes to his daughter, Elena Methawut, who has faithfully kept her father’s most popular dishes while also infusing the menu with a modern and more updated approach. This is one of the few classic Italian restaurants in the city, so if you haven’t been, make sure you book a table in this charming wooden house in Wat Gate…and come hungry.

Start off with a creamy butternut squash soup which doesn’t just taste good, but is good for you as it is infused with beta carotene, vitamin A, C, B6, calcium, magnesium and all sorts of other good things your body will thank you for. Then there is the healthy and refreshing grilled vegetable salad with olive oil and feta, using only the best olive oil, feta and organic vegetables. So if you are feeling like some tasty Italian food, but worry about adding on the pounds, head on over to this classic eatery and indulge yourself. You are in good hands.


60 Nawatgate Road, Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai
Open diary 11am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 10pm (Closed Wednesday)
Tel. 053 306 254
Facebook: Arcobaleno Italian Restaurant