Chef’s Secret: The Redbox Restaurant

Chef Chindanai 'Dan' Boonchaliew and his with Pimmada 'Proud' Kamkulsuntorn tell us about their plans for Redbox (Ready, Edible & Distinctiveness) restaurant.

By | Tue 14 Aug 2018


The Redbox Restaurant

Chindanai ‘Dan’ Boonchaliew slowly explored the culinary world while studying in Australia many years ego, eventually moving to Brunei where his family had a Thai restaurant. It was there that he met the love of his life, fellow Chiang Mai native, Pimmada ‘Proud’ Kamkulsuntorn, who was working in an oil company in Brunei at the same time.

The couple were asked one day to donate lunch boxes to orphans, and an idea was born. With Chef Dan’s kitchen skills and Proud’s love of décor and great attention to details, Redbox (Ready, Edible & Distinctiveness) took off.

“We travelled extensively throughout ASEAN nations, learning about their cuisine, their ingredients and presentation,” explained Proud whose restaurant here in Chiang Mai is exquisitely elegant with great attention to details.

“We brought back all of our experiences from our years abroad and have now opened The Redbox Restaurant to welcome our guests into our home to enjoy a new dining experience,” explained Chef Dan, showing us the outdoor and indoor dining areas which contain a handful of tables, and the tea room where guests are invited to move to for a post meal dessert and tea.

While dishes may have traditional names, they are guaranteed to surprise. Our favourite dishes include the grilled organic watermelon tofufoiegras salad, deconstructed duck red curry which comes with a delicious lychee sauce and the hot butter with smoked tropical fruits.


The Redbox Restaurant
No. 6, Haew Kaew Road (Google Map)
Open 11.30am – 10.00pm (Closed every Tuesday)
Tel. 092 979 4542
Facebook: redboxdining