Mae Wang crowds up as city folks escape the heat

City people escape the summer heat on the Mae Wang River

By | Mon 1 Mar 2021

For the past fortnight or so Mae Wang has been teeming with people, looking to escape the summer heat, now that temperatures are rising to the high 30s.

Vendors along the Mae Wang River say that pontoons are generally sold out by noon on most days, especially weekends. Families, friends and especially youths, come early, book a pontoon and spend the entire day frolicking in the river.

Vendors are so busy, they say, that many are no longer providing service, asking customers to come order and take their own dishes to their pontoons.

Many people are also advised to bring their own supplies for their own picnic as they may have to find a spot further away from any vendors, most of which are too busy to cater to everyone.

Officials in the area say that they are stepping up security as more and more people are expected over the coming months.