What you can find in Mae Rim plaza

Mae Rim Plaza is packed with splendid shops and services, a delicious range of food options and much more.

By | Fri 1 Dec 2017

Our office is half way from town to Mae Rim and we have been having a ball discovering new places to explore. Our latest favourite place is Mae Rim Plaza, packed with splendid shops and services, a delicious range of food options and much more.

Omelette coffee and Bakery

Omelette Coffee and Bakery
Contrary to what you may think, this coffee shop and bakery isn’t about serving omelettes, instead it’s named after its owner, Omelette! So instead of eggs and bacon, expect cakes and cookies at this delicious bakery and cake shop. We loved the chocolate honey cake that is made of four layers of chocolate cakes stuffed with rich chocolate mousse and topped with honey, chocolate mousse and Ferrero Roche…creamy goodness slathered generously on top and oozing from the layers. All their cakes are sold on the premises or can be made to order if you are hosting a party or just want to chow down on a baker’s dozen all by yourself…we won’t judge.

Open 9am – 7pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Mae Rim Plaza, Mae Rim
Facebook: Omelettebakerycafe
087 786 5914

rimphirom-1 Rimm Phi Romm
From the acclaimed, award winning and well-loved Steak of the Day, comes a new restaurant just across the street, serving up a more locally inspired menu of Thai and Northern food. This new venture of Chef Rewat Srilachai follows the same concept of Steak of the Day by offering a menu which is created daily based on the freshest ingredients found that morning. One of their go-to sources for fresh produce is a woman in the nearby village who simply collects whatever she can from her local jungle and roadside. This element of the unknown brings a level of excitement and intrigue with each and every visit. Last month they served only black and golden food in memory of the HM the late King Rama IX, so don’t be surprised if there is a unique theme or trend being presented when you visit next.

Open 4pm – 9pm (Closed Sundays)
Mae Rim Plaza, Mae Rim
Facebook: Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant
081 256 7292


Explore some really intriguing Japanese dishes at this restaurant found in Mae Rim Plaza. They combine classic Japanese styles with modern international flavours and ideas, leaving you with a menu that is full of fusion and curiosity. For example, try the Vietnam rolls, packed with Japanese salmon sashimi and Japanese flavours, served with a sesame sauce with a subtle ginger aroma — refreshing and different. We also recommend the teriyaki pork chop, cooked to tender perfection and served with a western style potato salad and wasabi mayonnaise. Whether you have a reason to visit Mae Rim Plaza or not, it doesn’t matter, it has now become a food destination upon itself.

Open 11am – 9pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Mae Rim Plaza, Mae Rim
Facebook: fukuro.fukuro
086 783 2034