Camp Meating: Chiang Mai’s hidden camp

Camp Meating is a Chiang Mai camping & leisure site in a lakeside setting. There is a range of activities to enjoy as well as great BBQ food & company.

By | Tue 2 Feb 2016

As those winter spells call to us again, many thousands of people from across the world visit Chiang Mai and are blown away by the cool breeze and the foggy views. Many tourists however, miss out on the best things that Chiang Mai has to offer, unaware of the secret views, eating places and social hubs that are ever new in the city.

For anyone, local or just passing through, I would like to introduce to you one of the newest destinations in the area, Camp Meating. This folk style luxury barbeque camp out is in gorgeous scenery of the Pack Squadron lands of Mae Rim. Oh, and the word ‘meating’ is not a typo. Visitors are invited to enjoy cooking with friends, family or lovers with the cool northern ambience of folk music and the sweet smells of grilled meats and potatoes. So grab your camera, your cosiest jumper and follow me.

Reserving your seat is the first thing to do before heading up the main road towards Mae Rim towards the Park Squadron. As it is on military land, Camp Meating is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and will close at the end of February. Rules, rules. There are three types of meat to tuck into; pork, beef and lamb. While you tuck into your favourite meats, enjoy the bohemian styles and sounds of friends laughing with one another, joking around and having fun. Sitting at a table or on the floor, take some awe time and enjoy the glorious sunset that slowly hides behind the mountain. The views are indescribable, and Camp Meating helps inspire you with activates such as boating, horse riding, cycling and painting on offer.

Take a look at the photos I took last time I visited, all they are missing now is you. Let’s go get that fire going!

More details and reservation: 090 4049500
Facebook: Camp Meating
Line ID: campmeating