Jazzing it up with karaoke at Good View Bar & Restaurant

Good View in Mae Hia offers the best private karaoke rooms in the city, in addition to their exceptional food and drinks. Perfect for private parties and a great night out.

By | Thu 12 Mar 2020


If you love the nightlife, then you will have definitely sipped a drink or two, sang a song or three or had a bite or four at The Good View. In fact, even if you just love dining out – and who doesn’t? – you will have most likely been to one of The Good View branches. The iconic restaurant and bar by the Ping River has won the heart of gourmands and drinking enthusiasts from all corners for over 20 years with its impeccably maintained quality of food, its good tastes, its great selection of drinks, its great bands and its fun party vibes. Setting trends before Chiang Mai was aware of trends, The Good View is a sure thing for a good time.

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While the food – Thai and international – is solid and offers a wide variety of cuisines at all price points, it is a place to go for some fun. And what is more fun for most Thais than karaoke? Grab a microphone and start showing off your vocals in any of the six private rooms of different sizes (with four more being added soon to meet public demand) so you can belt out your best without scarring the other punters!

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The food here is constantly being improved upon, added to and innovated by its team of talented and creative chefs. Every night you will see circles of friends digging into tables laden with delicacies from hotpot dishes to deep fried pork’s knuckles, the all-time signature of the place. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these large fried pork’s knuckles can be served with hot steamed rice or mashed potatoes and goes wonderfully with a cold cold brew. With a choice of three different sauces, this dish will appeal to all. Also available is the big deep fried snapper with fish sauce and herbs salad; the full-flavoured Good View kantoke set of assorted northern pork sausages served with green chili paste, minced pork, tomato chili paste and vegetables; the colourful fried rice with pineapple, chicken, Chinese sausage and seafood; and the fresh, soft and sweet sashimi platter. Bangkok’s famous bakery Coffee Bean by Dao is also to be found on premises for those looking for something strong but with no alcohol.

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A great place to go for some good vibes by the Ping River.

The Good View Bar and Restaurant and The Good View Karaoke
13 Charoen Raj Rd., Watgate, Muang, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 10am – midnight Tel. 053 241 866, 053 249 029, 053 302 764