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If you love food, whether it’s cooking it, eating it or nibbling it while enjoying a good pint, we have a few new places to recommend to you.

By | Fri 1 Dec 2017

If you love food, whether it’s cooking it, eating it or nibbling it while enjoying a good pint, we have a few new places to recommend to you.

Cotton Hut Cooking School
This cooking school, tucked behind an old Thai house near Wat Bong Noi, takes a more rustic and personable approach to cooking. Instead of having your own table with a menu in front of you that you must follow to the letter, the owner and his wife teaching team gets hands on together with you, all around one workspace. The menus are chosen beforehand and after a market visit you can get down to cooking. The idea is you taste as you go, adding ingredients and seasonings as you see fit — guided by your palette and some helpful advice along the way. This personal cooking course is great for all types of people looking to learn more about Thai cuisine who enjoy a more ‘naked chef’ kind of experience with both full day and half day courses available for very reasonable prices. After spending years living in England when he was younger, the owner has a few western dishes he enjoys teaching too, if that is more your thing.

By appointment only.
Facebook: Cotton Hut cafe & collection
085 329 3656

Chez Nous
Chez Nous is the latest addition to the growing number of French bakeries popping up across the city, but with a few hidden features that may elevate it a cut above the rest. James and Mai the co-owners and partners who both studied at Le Cordon Bleu, have brought their wealth of experience from years of study and work along with a desire to bring genuine, high grade French baked goods to our humble northern city. Importing all ingredients from France (including their flour and butter) may increase the prices a bit but we swear it’s worth it. Each bite is rich in buttery goodness, from their palmiers to croissants, baguettes to their extra special kouign-amann — a rare speciality not found anywhere else in the city. They also have freshly made bread you can take home and an interesting collection of hot and cold drinks designed to complement their baked goods. Their chocolate drinks are rich and strong with the flavour of Cacao Barry coco which is also imported.

Open 9am – 5pm (Closed Wednesdays)
118/5 Moo 3, Sanklang
(along the Old Sankampaeng Road)
Facebook: cheznousbakingatelier
094 663 8855


Siamaya Chocolate
Siamaya Chocolate is one of Chiang Mai’s first ever locally made chocolates. Using beans grown here in Chiang Mai, this small but growing venture is producing some really interesting handcrafted chocolate — with all their ingredients locally sourced. Their best seller so far is the 75% dark chocolate made by only one type of bean so you can really enjoy and taste the unique qualities of our locally developed cocoa. They also have mocha flavour, milk chocolate and even Thai tea flavours which are all sourced locally too. You can find their chocolate in a few cafes around town, such as Meerkatto, Hohm and Game Tree, or can be found at the Nana Jungle market and online where orders can be placed and picked up from their labs near Wat Suan Dok or delivered nationwide via Read more about the Chiang Mai chocolate industry in our chocolatey article this month!

Facebook: Siamayachocolate
090 214 7963 (TH/EN)