Ginger Farm: popular destination for families & food

Ginger Farm his a unique and very popular destination with families for its fun, informative and interactive family activities. The food is pretty special too!

By | Fri 14 Dec 2018


Ginger Farm has become a unique and very popular destination for its fun, informative, interactive and delicious offerings.Families come to tend to organic gardens, learn how to plant rice in the paddy fields, join in various cultural and learning activities such as collecting ducks’ eggs, catching mud crabs, cooking or the kids’ favourite, playing with the mud-slide.                                            

After a few hours of fun and exhaustion, the group can adjourn to the farm’s restaurant which is filled with lush plants and serves up fusion cuisine in a casual local vibe. All raw produce and ingredients are carefully sourced for their health and safety properties and you can dive into an assortment of dishes or simply enjoy some fun drinks such as the Pink Paradise fruit tea smoothie or the Ginger Farm Sling.


Spaghetti with Crab Paste and Bacon

Northern style Larb fried rice

Thai style paco fern salad

Salt- Crusted Grilled Fish with Fresh Farm vegetables and Dipping

Kaeng Hung Lay’ Pulled Pork Burger, Spiced with Chiang Mai Curry, Salsa of Beetroot and

Pink Paradise





Ginger Farm Sling

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