A day at Chiang Mai’s space crazy water park

Tube Trek is Chiang Mai's biggest theme park where you can spend a day splashing in cool and joyous fun with your family and friends.

By | Mon 1 May 2017

Tube Trek is officially open, with views from atop lofty water flumes overlooking the beautiful green suburbs of Sankamphaeng. The galaxy themed waterpark covers over 48,000 square metres, that’s almost 30 rai of pure wet and wild fun to be had by all the family. Citylife gained special access to Chiang Mai’s newest and biggest theme park and spent a day splashing in cool and joyous fun to bring you this report.

Walking in, the first thing that strikes you is the Space Fortress, a towering entrance with a kids’ pool, colourful waterslides that only children have the guts to shoot down and a series of water guns poised perfectly for kids who can’t resist the urge to squirt a jet of water into their siblings’ faces anytime of the year, not just for Songkran! Spaceships and space heroes are featured everywhere throughout the park and seem to be a huge hit with the kids.

But fear not, daring adults, this is not just a kids’ play zone. There are some rather challenging attractions such as the Wormhole, a slippery slide of fast flowing water that rockets you into a funnel tube that spins you and three other friends in a dingy down and spits you out into the pool below. The Capsule is probably the most hair-raising ride in the park however, where riders are locked into a capsule before the floor gives out under you and you fall screaming to a splashy landing.

But, as we all know, there is always someone in the group who balks at being shot off into oblivion on a rubber dingy or dropped into the great liquid unknown. Thankfully, Tube Trek has also installed a lazy river around the edge of the park where you can grab a dingy and peacefully float around the park at a nice, leisurely pace without any fear of a secret rapid or water jet to spoil your chill. Even those seeking more of an adrenalin rush will appreciate some chill time on a dingy gently bobbing around the park.

The sun may go down, but Tube Trek’s shutters don’t. On one side of the park is a stage, fully equipped with lights, DJs, live bands and much more…but there is a twist. This stage’s dance floor is a massive wave pool! From Bodyslam concerts to DJ sets, the place to be as the sun goes down is in the water right at the front of the stage. If you can’t dance, don’t worry, being half submerged and being pushed around artificial waves means that any cool moves are off the table anyway, just get in there and enjoy it!

Tube Trek is perfect for all the family, and a guaranteed great day out. There is food served all day, from reasonably priced cooked-to-order Thai food to freshly baked pizzas and other western treats. For those who need a pick-me-up, the coffee shop serves up a range of coffees and no theme park is complete without a fair share of ice cream and other sweet delights. For those looking for a little more punch than an ice cream or a coffee, beers are available too during legal vending hours.

Entrance starts at 850 baht per Thai adult, 1,350 for foreigners — a disparity which has caused quite a lot of controversy on our web site’s comments section — but if you are not Thai but live in Thailand you can take a driver’s license or work permit to prove your residency and get in on the Thai price. Children pay 450 baht and if they are under 90cm they get in for free. OAPs also share the 450 baht price and if you come as a family, three and four people family tickets are available at an even greater discount.

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