On the Road to Chiang Mai – art exhibition by Teresa Esteban

Teresa Esteban's Chiang Mai focused works of art are on display at the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre.

By | Tue 20 Aug 2019


This intriguing exhibition called On the Road to Chiang Mai was inspired by maps of Chiang Mai. It is currently displayed at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre. The drawings and sculptures in this temporary exhibition room were created by Teresa Esteban, a Spanish artist in the field of sculpting and architecture. She received her Ph. D. in Fine Arts (sculpting) at Complutense University of Madrid in 1992.

“When I got the scholarship from the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome after the year 2001, I had a chance to wander around the city of Rome and discovered its common characteristics. I therefore created those spiritual climates through sculpting and expanded my work field to architecture, urbanism and the art of nature,” stated Estaban.

Upon discovering the common characteristics of Rome, Estaban said that she was inspired to create her interpretation through sculpting and expanded her work field to architecture, urbanism and the art of nature.


“Rome is the city where there is considered to be more artistic heritage than almost all other European countries. In Spain, scholarships for the Academy of Fine Arts of Spain in Rome, for painters, sculptors, writers, architects, etc., go to public competition every year. When I received my scholarship as a sculptor to be in that Academy in Rome, I worked in the old neighborhood of Trstévere, and in its enclosure there was an old monastery which is one of the most important temples of the Renaissance. I was working there, with my own studio and walking through the streets of Rome and walking through the buildings, it changed my way of seeing and doing sculpture,” said Estaban.

“My work since then emphasises my life experiences after my stays in different cities and landscapes, the works created in each place reflects the accumulation of experiences and memories found in each place.”

The purpose of the exhibition is to create a comprehension of Chiang Mai’s landscape, culture, and arts in order to develop and preserve the city for future generations.

The Road to Chiang Mai Exhibition

Now-30th September at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre.

Open: 08:30 am – 5 pm (Tuesdays-Sundays)