Toot Yung: a beautiful new art space

Have you seen Mosquito’s Bum? If not, you must check out Toot Yung, an exquisite new art gallery in town.

By | Mon 1 Oct 2018

Have you seen Mosquito’s Bum? If not, you must check out this exquisite new art gallery, Toot Yung (mosquito bum), which has just opened its recent exhibition in Mae Rim. The owner-architect has designed a fantastic space with both modern and lovely old Lanna wooden houses and rice barns (with surprisingly innovative staircases) sitting comfortably next to each other in a tidy compound. The space is very well thought out with a real sense of beauty which makes wandering around the compound a pleasure – lovely columns with textures created by clever lighting, outdoors areas to sit and contemplate and some fine works of art. One lovely surprise was ascending the stairs into the rice barn to see a workstation which appears as though the artist had just left, with spaces covered by very interesting drawings and sketches.

The current exhibition is by up and coming Montri Toemsombat, whose exhibition ‘Plateau Rouge’ combines paintings, photography and installations, an ongoing narrative as he attempts to find balance between his hometown of rural Chayaphum and his artistic life in France.

In another space is an exhibition by well known Chiang Mai artist Kachama, whose kaleidoscopic textiles create art based on the skills of local weavers she has learnt from alongside a ceramics exhibition by Chiang Rai’s Doi Din Daeng’s well known ceramics master Somluk Pantiboon.

Lovers of art should head on over for a few hours viewing not just Montri’s works, but also the permanent collection of the owner which features some very interesting sculptures.