CityGuide: Chiang Mai university area

A guide to the thriving neighbourhood near to Chiang Mai University through the eyes of freelance photographer Boontawee “Hee” Russameenin

By | Tue 30 Sep 2014

Resident Expert: Boontawee “Hee” Russameenin, 38
Nationality: Thai
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Neighbourhood: Chiang Mai University area
What are the defining characteristics of your neighbourhood?
People respect each other’s privacy.
Why did you choose this neighbourhood?
It is located in the centre of Chiang Mai, taking only 10 minutes to Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai University, and the hospital.
What do you like least about it?
Traffic jams! My neighborhood is close to Chiang Mai University, crowded with lots of Chiang Mai University’s students and staff. Traffics jams often happen in the morning between 8am to 9am and in the evening between 4pm to 6 pm.
Who lives here?
Thai students, lecturers and /or employees.
Best everyday restaurant:
I love to get my food at Lemon Tree, a Thai restaurant serving delicious food but inexpensive prices. It is also close to my house and has a large parking lot. My usual order here is “sour and spicy smoked dry fish soup”. The restaurant is located in University Academic Service Center (UNISERV CMU), close to the conference hall on Nimmanhaemin Road.

Best special occasion restaurant:

On Mondays and Fridays, I would love to recommend anyone who loves fresh vegetables and healthy food to visit Nimman Bar & Grill, located in Kantary Hills soi 12. Salad Buffet at 200 baht per person is served!

Best cheap eat:

In Chiang Mai University, there is a market named Rom Sak or Fai Hin Market, located behind the building of Faculty of Architecture. Various restaurants with cheap foods are available!
Open from 3pm to 9pm.

Best drinks: 

I walk through Klong Cholapratan Road, between Ton Payom Market and Night Safari, to get home. I often drop by Cafe Amazon in PTT gas station to get a cup of Thai iced tea.

Best daytime activity:

I personally love doing yoga. I love to practice yoga at Hillside Fitness because of its good yoga teacher and cheap price for members, only 50 baht per time. Open from 9am to 10 pm.


Best place to shop:

Royal Project Shop, close to Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Agriculture, provides various goods. I often visit here to shop for vegetables, fruits, and other products because of their good qualities and cheap price. You can get products here for gifts or a Chiang Mai souvenir.

Best attraction:

I love taking a walk in Chiang Mai University, a large and shady place with lots of trees. What I like most is Chiang Mai University’s library where I can sink into many books.

Best secret:  

MCC (Multiple Cropping Centre) Market, located down Chiang Rai 2 Road, which cuts between Nimman held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 5am to noon. As part of the university’s Department of Agriculture  the market presents a cornucopia of organic produce direct from campus crops or brought in by farmers from surrounding areas. Here you can not only find the freshest food for low prices.

Best tip: 

Setting off on Kan Klong Cholapratan Road, you can avoid the traffic jams at Ton Pa Yom intersection by going through a shortcut stretching from Wat-Umong leading to Suthep Road in order to reach Chiang Mai University.