SOS arrives to battle food waste in Chiang Mai

Food waste is being managed by Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) Thailand’s arrival in Chiang Mai

By | Mon 14 Feb 2022

Food is essential. Three meals a day…But sometimes, we get so used to this routine, we unconsciously over-prepare food and don’t finish all the dishes we make. Meanwhile, in hotels, groceries, and restaurants, it’s mandatory for them to ensure customers’ satisfaction. There’s a belief that having ‘more’ is better than having ‘less’, making sure that there’re food products available for customers all the time. Then at the end of the day, they just create a lot of food leftovers which become food waste afterwards.

Food Waste can cause severe pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It creates methane, a dangerous gas emission which is almost 25 times more harmful than Co2.

Scholars of sustenance Thailand (SOS) is now in Chiang Mai!

Good news! Scholars of Sustenance Thailand (SOS) is now in Chiang Mai to tackle the systemic problems within the food supply chain by operating a Food Rescue Programme with the mission to save surplus food from being wasted while helping the people in need to have equal access to nutritious food. For the past five years, SOS in Bangkok, Phuket and Hua Hin have been able to rescue 3,781 tonnes of surplus food, reduce 7,940 tonnes of Co2-eq, and help more than 473,000 people in need by handing over 15.9 million meals. Its success would not have been possible without the cooperation of partners in all sectors.

To create more human, social, and environmental impacts in Thailand, SOS has opened a new branch in Chiang Mai to expand the scope of our Food Rescue Programme to provide assistance to food shortages in the aforementioned areas. As part of their mission launch in the North of Thailand, they wish to build cooperation within the community, expand networks, and integrate operations with partners from various sectors in Chiang Mai to deliver safe surplus food from food businesses to those communities in need.

Currently, they are operating two main programmes in Chiang Mai:

  • Food Rescue Programme

“A systematic approach in delivering good quality surplus food from food businesses to people in need”. SOS’s cold-chain logistic system truck hurls around to rescue surplus food from various sectors from different hotels, supermarkets, food producers, food retailers, and food manufacturers. Along with strict food safety protocol and inspection, rescued food is distributed to beneficiaries in low-income communities, orphanages, shelters, including most of the vulnerable groups in society.

  • Rescue Kitchen Programme

“Serving nutritious meals cooked from surplus ingredients for undernourished people”. More than rescuing food, SOS desires to serve warm and nutritious meals to the undernourished communities, especially during these trying times. The rescued surplus food and ingredients are distributed and creatively cooked right at the community kitchens across different locations. The Rescue Kitchen Programme is thriving as it has been shaping extensive associations among the volunteers, neighbours, and their communities. It is truly a meal “cooked by the community, for the community” to relish and relieve.

Would like to join as a Volunteer or an Intern? SOS welcomes any help from anyone who is in Chiang Mai.

Volunteer Programme

SOS always welcomes people and offer worthwhile experiences to anyone looking for opportunities in utilising their skills and time to make an impact in society. Any helping hands will enable SOS to extend our reach further to those in need.

Internship Programme

SOS’s internship programme presents one-of-a-kind experiences to college students. Sharpen your skill while learning how to improve food equity, promote social change, cohesion, and the empowerment of communities and people. You can make a difference in the lives of others through SOS’s internship programme in dynamic environments. Learn valuable lessons, refine your skill set, gain practical experiences on social work.

Join SOS at the Open House event this 26th February at SOS Chiang Mai Office!

This is a great opportunity to know more about SOS, take a tour of their office, meet their team and existing partners, plus learn about their current and future food programmes and events.

Enjoy some curated food, participate in raffles, and meet some new friends.

Nothing fancy and formal, just come and share a good afternoon.


As they are limiting the number of people for this event, if you’re interested, please contact Khun Bom to reserve your seat at 081 288 4762.


You can reach SOS at

Thailand – Chiang Mai Branch Contact
Tel: (66)81-288-4762