Citylife Garden Fair will feature Glom Theatre for kids, TAT Loy Krathong and be held at Boonthavorn Gardens

By | Sat 11 Nov 2023


If you haven’t been to a Citylife Garden Fair, you are in for a treat. This annual (previously bi-annual) event, held since 2005, is one of Chiang Mai’s favourite days out for the entire community.

Wake up bright and early and head down to the beautiful gardens behind Boonthavorn on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Road to get the best deals and steals. You can either join our songtaew shuttles from town, dropping you off right at the entrance of the fair, or find parking for nearly 1,000 cars nearby. We will have fresh coffee served from 10am onwards and many of Chiang Mai’s greatest bands will begin performing from around 11am.Bring your partners, children, extended family, friends and yourself down for a day of shopping, eating, drinking, playing, dancing, winning and bidding!

The Citylife Garden Fair was first held to raise money for the victims of the 2004 tsunami. Over the years, together, we have raised millions of baht for local charities. We ask our friends and business associates in Chiang Mai and beyond to donate goods, services, vouchers and gifts and we raise money by selling raffle tickets for YOU to win them. 100% of all proceeds raised will go to our chosen charity (to be announced). At 4pm there will also be a live auction on stage, so get ready to bid on some exciting prizes!

At this point, over 250 stalls have been booked. We will have nearly 100 vendors selling food and drinks, so come hungry! Whether you are looking for a Michelin standard bite or some local delights, there will be so much food at the fair you will want to bring doggy bags to take home! Drinks will also be on sale all day, from freshly pressed juices to wines, beers, sakes and cocktails.We will feature stalls by many local charities and foundations and we hope that you visit them to show your support. We will also have VIP tents which will feature some very exciting businesses, so make sure you check them out and see what activities or services they offer.

The grounds are vast, shady, filled with seatings and picnic areas and you can spend the entire day roaming around the fair getting involved in activities and catching up with friends and members of the community.This year we are proud to partner up with Glom Theatre, who have booked an entire island in the middle of our lake-filled gardens! If you haven’t heard of Glom yet, they are “a groundbreaking Chiang Mai-based theater company redefining what it means to experience live performance art in Northern Thailand through direct sensory experiences.”Founded in 2022, their underlying mission is to push boundaries and expand the horizon of what is creatively possible through interactive, sensory events that go far beyond the traditional stage. Founded by amateurs and guided by professionals, Glom is more than just a theatre group – it’s a journey of self-discovery and exploration into the very heart of the human condition.”

Since its inception, Glom has put on many successful shows in Chiang Mai, including Wake Up Hanuman, Pantomime Planet at the Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival 2023 and The Village Project, which is a theatre bus touring schools across the North.Next year, Glom will be holding its first Glom Glom! Children’s Festival 2024 where “kids and adults of all ages can step into a realm of interactive theatre, live music, hands on workshops and circus thrills, unplugging from distractions, immersing themselves in enchanting themes and form unforgettable memories.”You can get to know Glom at our upcoming Citylife Garden Fair as they will be setting up a Pop-Up Pom Pom Playground on the island under the trees.

“Join wacky Pom Pom characters for a FREE sneak peek of GLOM GLOM! Children’s Festival 2024! Skip about our Pom Pom imagination stations and discover the fun! Kick back in a bean bag, or jump up and show your skills!Perhaps a spot of Pom Pom collecting in the treasure hunt? Challenge your friends to some juggling or a Pom Pom relay race! How about a fluffy tug-o-war to test your muscles? The Pom Pom Playground is hosted by Nik & Em from ThunderBug!”So while your kids will be happily entertained all day long on Glom’s magic islands, you can get yourself some culture and join our day-long Loy Krathong activity, sponsored by TAT.

TAT Chiang Mai will set up a workshop all day at the fair for free teaching you how to make your very own krathong. But never fear, if you have no talent, nor interest in making your own krathong, TAT will also be handing out free biodegradable krathong for you to float in the ponds. Let’s all come together to Loy our krathong and join us for Citylife Garden Fair’s first Loy Krathong!Boonthavorn has been a wonderful location partner, and we are super excited to be welcoming the owner of Boonthavorn who will be flying up from Bangkok with a few dozen of his friends to enjoy the day!See you, your family and your friends on Saturday 25th November 2023 at Boonthavorn Garden!Here is more info on Glom and how to contact them if you are interested in this dynamic and exciting new venture. GLOM GLOM! Children’s Festival