Main Dish: Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant

Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant is the latest venture of the power couple behind the successful Mae Rim restaurant, Steak of the Day, Rewat Srilachai and Nuchahart Srilachai. Chef Rewat appreciates the maturity of Thai cuisine on the world stage, but also understands that at the end of the day,

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Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant

Thai cuisine is about local produce, techniques and inspirations. He believes in studying ancient techniques, getting to know the stories of origins of dishes and learning about properties of plants and produce, so that he can then draw from traditions and roots to innovate and create in a respectable way. The classic pomelo salad, for instance, is a delicious Thai dish, but seeing that the texture of shrimps and scallops are similar, Chef Rewat has used premium scallops instead of the traditional shrimp to go with the sweet and succulent pomelo. If you love quality Thai food, but also enjoy innovation and creativity and tasting only the best quality produce, then it is time to stop by Rimm Phi Romm.

Rimm Phi Romm’s Great Dishes

Purple sweet potato in coconut milk
Inspired by the famous Thai dessert, banana in coconut milk, the purple sweet potato becomes this aromatic and warm sweet dish’s hero.

Grilled US scallops with spicy seafood sauce in black squid ink dip.
Replacing the shrimp with a scallop, this dish is a rich recreation of which even the dipping sauce is coloured with squid ink.

Steamed fish soufflé in oyster cup
Classical steamed fish soufflé but served with a twist.

Sweet egg custard in baby pumpkin
Personal sized Japanese pumpkins make for the perfect dish and traditional Thai smoking technique is used table-side for added aroma.

Fried Spring Rolls
A classic dish, with the sauce turned into a jelly.

Isaan style spicy mackerel fish dip in cucumber cup
Popular Isaan dish served in a bite-sized boat-shaped carved cucumber.

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with spicy pomelo salad
A traditional dish served three styles: classic rice paper, purple rice berry paper and black charcoal paper.

Braise Australian lamb shank in massaman sauce
The choice of prime meat stewed in massaman sauce for 4-5 hours is what makes this classic dish even more succulent.

Minced sweet pork ‘ma hor’ with orange
An ancient dish passed down from the Mon people which is refreshing and filled with spices and flavour.

Fried lamb ‘dad diew’ Sriracha sauce
Lamb has substituted pork in this tasty snack.

Deep fried wrapped shrimps with noodles
Another classic dish with perfectly cooked shrimps wrapped in a flavour-infused blanket of crispy noodles.


Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant
Mae Rim Plaza, T. Rim Tai, A. Mae Rim
Open 4pm – 21pm (Closed on Sundays)
Tel. 081 256 7292
Facebook: Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant