Little Kitchen’s meticulous classic Thai dishes

Little Kitchen is run by a charming pair of grandparents who delight in serving classic Thai dishes, made with meticulous perfection.

By | Fri 14 Dec 2018


This modest little restaurant is all about serving classic Thai dishes, but all made to meticulous perfection. There are no surprises on the menu for anyone vaguely familiar with Thai food, from appetisers to mains to desserts. But what we loved is how they focus on each ubiquitous dish, perfecting and fine tuning them.

Thai fried noodles in tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprouts, peanuts, lime and garlic chives.
Roasted prawns with chili and salt

Start off with the old fashioned minced pork with prawn toast and deep fried spring rolls with crab meat and pork then order a pad Thai which has been elevated by using unique noodles mixed with a tamarind sauce for added flavour, or if you prefer rice, then any of the fried rice dishes are refined and delicious, perfect to pair with a Thai fluffy fried omelette, river prawns with tamarind, various curries and soups or fried vegetables.

Spicy curry with coconut milk, peanuts, peas, red chili, Thai eggplant and basil (pork or chicken)
Spicy soup with mushrooms, exotic spices and herbs
Fried vegetables

If you are in the mood for cuisine from further afield, they also have a few non-Thai options including BBQ ribs with fries and caesar salad. This little kitchen is run by a charming pair of grandparents.

Caesar salad

Little Kitchen
184 Charoen Muang Rd, T. Wat Kate,
Open Everyday 11.30 am – 8 pm
โทร. 064 007 5280
Facebook: ร้านอาหาร Little Kitchen Chiangmai