Kitchen Culture: Bamboo Stick

Bamboo Stick is a little stall in the popular Ploen Ruedee night market serving wildly popular Szechuan pepper BBQ sticks.

By | Fri 17 Aug 2018


Bamboo Stick

This little stall in the popular nightly Ploen Ruedee doesn’t even have a Facebook page, nor do they want to share their contact details, because they are just THAT busy!

Make your way to Ploen Ruedee and have a treasure hunt, seeking these Szechuan pepper BBQ sticks, whether it is beef, chicken, pork or BBQ, all proteins are of premium grade and marinated to spicy-numbing perfection. The oddly juxtaposing spice and numbness that is the distinctive Szechuan pepper is taking over the city by storm these days, but Bamboo Stick can lay claim to being one of the first…and still most popular. Prices range from 199 baht (200g) to 399 baht (400g).

Bamboo Stick

Ploen Ruedee Night Market in the Night Bazaar Chiang Mai, Chang Klan road

Open 5pm-Midnight (Closed Sundays)