Spicy larb salads at Duang Dee Mee Sook

Larb is a meat salad, made from beef, pork or chicken and Larb Duang Dee Mee Sook have taken larb to the next level with a lovely local vibe

By | Mon 30 Jan 2023


Larb, for those of you who may have missed out on this fabulous dish, is a delicious meat salad, traditionally made from beef, pork or chicken, but with creative chefs, today coming in all manner of forms from tofu to squid!
Delicious herbs and spices are used to flavour then meat which is then fried and served with fresh vegetables, often eaten with rice or sticky rice. It is simply delicious as the flavours of the herbs and spices are soaked into the meat making for a rich bite.

The owners of Larb Duang Dee Mee Sook have taken larb to the next level, with one owner (who also owns the popular brand Rubber Killer) being a lifelong larb lover, and taster, while another partner from the famous Tune In Garden has brought a family recipe to the mix.

This little restaurant on the Irrigation Canal road has a lovely local vibe – super chilled and casual.

“I have always wanted to open a larb shop,” said Tong, one of the owners. “Since childhood in fact because I learnt how to make larb at a young age from my grandmother.

Using a variety of chillies to flavour their larb, each dish is unique and special, whether it is buffalo, chicken, fish or pork larb.

But as we know, Thai meals are generally more than one dish, especially those to be shared amongst friends and family, so there are many other local dishes on the menu…each more exotic and exciting than the last.

Want some authentic local flavours? Well, here you go.

Open: 11am – 10pm. (close on Monday)